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Celebrity Odds – Why Was Kate Moss Kicked Off Her Plane?

John Benson

by John Benson in Entertainment

Jun 9, 2015 · 12:19 PM PDT

Supermodel Kate Moss is no stranger to controversy. A decade ago, the dual threat model, who can look waifish both in front of a camera and on a runway, was photographed snorting lines of cocaine with Libertines frontman Pete Doherty. She hasn’t strayed far from the headlines ever since.

Most recently, Moss was escorted off a plane for being “disruptive”. The airline hasn’t released full details of what exactly Moss did, leaving us with passenger accounts and our own imaginations.

According to passengers, Moss was merely getting a drink – or was it a drank – from her carry on, which you’re not supposed to do, but is pretty bland by Moss’ standards.

She also apparently called the pilot a “basic bitch”, which is getting into more deserving Moss territory. But our imaginations can still do better!

Here are our odds on what Moss actually did to get booted from the plane, informed by years of watching supermodels lose their shit (like when Naomi Campbell went full Odd Job on her assistant with her cell phone):

  • Attempted to snort cocaine off the pilot’s stomach: 2/1 (Only a basic bitch would refuse!)
  • Refused to stow her tray table in its upright position: 4/1
  • Went on a rant on why Princess Charlotte should have been named “Princess Kate Moss”: 5/1
  • Sang some Kate Moss originals: 10/1
  • Confusedly screamed that Tom Brady has normal sized tesitcles after eavesdropping on a conversation about DeflateGate: 12/1
  • Waifed too damn hard: 15/1

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(Photo credit: Alexis (flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode]. Photo has been cropped.)

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