Dr. Strange Movie Casting Odds

Marvel hasn’t yet officially announced the movie, but the casting rumours for studio’s upcoming Dr. Strange movie are running rampant. We’ve got your betting odds.

Benedict Cumberbatch – 65/1
The current rumor mill has Cumberbatch as one of the front runners for the top role as the mystical doctor. With his roles as the title character on BBC’s Sherlock and Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, he can definitely pull off the arrogance of  Stephen Strange.

Tom Hardy – 110/1
Another actor labelled as a front runner for the role, Hardy is certainly no stranger to the superhero film genre with his turn as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s got a couple of other big franchise pics in the mix right now though, particularly with next year’s Mad Max: Fury Road that he may be a bit too overexposed for the role.

Joaquin Phoenix – 150/1 (Update: August 5, 2014)
A late entry to the casting speculations, it appears that the three-time Academy Award nominee is in talks with Marvel Studios about the title role and that the deal is beyond the offer stage. At this point in time, it seems that the ball is in Phoenix’s court as to accepting or rejecting the offer. Considering that the actor has generally steered clear of big commercial Hollywood fare, we’ll have to see.

Jared Leto – 200/1
Coming off a Best Supporting Actor Oscar win for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, Leto has made a strong return to Hollywood and rounds out the rumored Hollywood short-list for Dr. Strange.

Johnny Depp – 200/1
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shot down the rumor that the studio had been in talks with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, but the Hollywood rumor mill still grinds away…

Liam Neeson – 300/1
Like Tom Hardy, Neeson has had his superhero movie turn as Ra’s al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. While he could pull off the look and charisma of the “Sorcerer Supreme”, he’s a bit too old to play the role, especially if Marvel is looking at turning Dr. Strange into a multi-picture franchise.

Viggo Mortenson – 200/1
Marvel producer Victoria Alonso shot down the rumor of Mortenson being considered for the role… but that was two years ago. Best known for playing Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mortenson has continued to establish himself as an excellent dramatic actor, and could be in the running.

Aidan Gillen – 200/1
Currently known for his role as Petyr “Littlefinger” Balish in Game of Thrones, Gillen already has the moustache / goatee combo down for the Dr. Strange.

Patrick Dempsey – 200/1
Dr. Derek Shepherd on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy has been lobbying for the role of the mystical doctor for a few years now. He’s got years of experience playing a doctor on TV but does Dr. McDreamy equal Dr. Strange?

Daniel Day-Lewis – 300/1
The Oscar winning actor would lend quite a bit of theatrical heft to the role but he’s one of the most selective actors in the industry. Definitely a long shot here.

Matthew Modine – 400/1
Although Modine has been campaigning for the role on Twitter, we don’t see this happening.

What are your thoughts on Marvel’s magical superhero? Let us know in the comments below!

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