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Final Odds on the Royal Wedding: Will Meghan Markle Be First to say “I Do”?

Kaela Napier

by Kaela Napier in Entertainment

Updated Apr 1, 2020 · 11:34 AM PDT

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Christmas Day (Mark Jones (flickr [CC License])
  • The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is less than 24 hours away
  • What are the odds that Prince William will still be able to hand out the FA Cup trophy?
  • Will it be Harry or Meghan who says “I Do” first in St. George’s Chapel tomorrow afternoon?

Months of anticipation are quickly coming to a close, with the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle mere hours away. As our friends across the pond enter into the final countdown, so too do the props sportsbooks have been offering on the event.

Here are all the final odds being offered for tomorrow’s nuptials and our predictions on how the day is going to go for everyone involved.

Will Prince William Hand Out the FA Cup Trophy?

Will Prince Harry Hand Out the FA Cup Trophy Odds
Yes +700
No -1500

How does the FA Cup fit in to a conversation about royal wedding odds, you ask?

Quite easily, it turns out. As president of England’s Football Association, Prince William – you know, brother and best man to the groom – typically attends the FA Cup final and hands out the trophy to the winning team. But, this year it seems someone neglected to check his schedule, as his brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law are about to be married the very same day the FA Cup final is scheduled to take place.

There is just no world in which his leaving the royal wedding is a viable option.

What’s a prince to do? Sneak out of his little brother’s history-making wedding, so that he can hand out a trophy at a soccer match? While the FA Cup is certainly significant to a lot of people – Wills included, I’m sure – there is just no world in which his leaving the royal wedding is a viable option.

Do you know who his grandmother is?

Color of Queen’s Hat During Wedding Ceremony

Hat Color Odds
Green -125
Blue +400
Pink +600
Yellow +600
White/Cream/Ivory +900
Purple +900
Orange +1400
Red +1400
Grey/Silver +2500
Beige/Gold +2500
Brown +3300
Black +5000

Of all the traditions the British boast, one of our very favorites is the tradition of betting on the Queen’s hat. Every year before the Royal Ascot, odds are given on what color oddsmakers think England’s matriarch will wear on the opening day.

Queen Elizabeth wore bright green at Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding, so of those two blue might actually be the better bet.

This specific prop, however, is not limited to the races. Bettors have another chance this year to bet on the Queen’s fashion, with Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding. The final odds are in favor of green or blue, with green taking a slight lead at -125.

However, Queen Elizabeth wore bright green at Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding, so of those two blue might actually be the better bet. She wore pink on Easter, so it isn’t as likely she will opt for a blushed hue, though yellow remains a solid spring wedding possibility. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry First Child?

Gender of First Child Odds
Male -110
Female -110

It’s a pretty even split on this one. I mean, it’s kind of a game of chance, if they go about things the – ahem – traditional way. However, take family history into account as the most recent firstborns have all been sons. Take that one as you will and place your bets accordingly.

Meghan Markle’s Mother’s Hat Color During Ceremony

Hat Color Odds
Pink +300
Blue +350
Red +350
Green +500
Yellow +750
Purple +1000
Orange +1400
White/Cream/Ivory +1400
Grey/Silver +2500
Beige/Gold +1000
Brown +3300
Black +5000

We may not have as lengthy of a history for Doria Ragland’s sartorial choices as we do for the rest of the Royal Family, but that’s not going to stop any of us from predicting what she is going to show up in.

Anyone who has planned a wedding, or been around someone who has, knows there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an outfit. What color are the bridesmaid dresses? What color are the flowers? What color will the Queen be wearing? Okay, that last one is a bit case-specific, but you get the point.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, looking delightful in a royal purple.

Oddsmakers are siding with pink for Ms. Ragland’s hat, and we have no reason to object here. If the Queen goes for blue, it’s pretty likely Doria won’t. Same goes for green, and red just feels like it’s coming on a bit too strong for this type of event. Purple would look lovely on her, but is wearing the royal color to a royal wedding a fashion faux-pas?

Who Will Have a Child Next?

Who Will Have A Child Next Odds
Meghan Markle -500
Kate Middleton +300

Considering Kate just had her third child only weeks ago, Meghan seems the natural choice here. Will and Kate have quite nicely spaced out the births of their children, so even if they were aiming for a fourth, we wouldn’t expect one to arrive for another couple of years.

Meghan and Harry on the other hand…

Who Will Say “I Do” or “I Will” First?

Who Will Say “I Do” First Odds
Harry -500
Meghan +300
Both at same time +1600

Leaning to the side of traditionalism here, we agree with these odds. The prince will say his “I do’s” first. Harry and Meghan have made a point of doing things their own way, but we just don’t expect them to rock every boat on their way down the aisle.

Will Trump Tweet about Wedding on May 19th EST?

Will Trump Tweet Odds
Yes +200
No -300

Ah, yes. The ubiquitous President Trump prop! Will he be tweeting about the wedding Saturday, EST? You might expect a world leader such as the President of the United States to offer up his congratulations to the newly-wed couple, but then again, you might expect a lot of things out of our current POTUS. It’s gonna be a “no” for me.

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