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Fyre Festival Odds 2018: Will There Be One?

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

Pictures of the terrible lodging at Fyre Festival
Photo Credit: Jake Strang (Twitter)

With how successful this year’s Fyre Festival was, people who didn’t go — and don’t read the news — are already looking forward to 2018’s festivities.

Maybe it’s not nice to laugh at other people’s expense, but social media had a field day when it was discovered that young, rich, white people were duped into attending a “prestigious” music festival that ended up being a (literal) s*** show.

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After spending thousands of dollars for a single ticket, which was supposed to cover all the fancy amenities, good-looking Instagram influencers and wealthy millennials flew to a barren Caribbean island under the impression they were about to attend “the next Coachella.”

The advertising for the event had beautiful models diving into blue waters and walking on white sand. It was made to look like paradise but what they ended up getting was hell on earth. Sounds like the plot of a generic Hollywood comedy, doesn’t it? Funnily enough, Seth Rogen and the boys of The Lonely Island were already working on a film with a similar premise.

As you likely know, on the day of the festival, the promoters canceled the event, but it was too late. Hundreds of ticket holders were stranded on a deserted island along with Gilligan and the Skipper. People were calling it Lord of the Flies meets the Hunger Games.

Indulgent and hedonistic music festivals have been under fire the last few years. A lot of these events have become nothing more than high-end playgrounds for the rich and famous, touting faux-bohemianism when, in reality, they are hyper-commercialized. So, when a bunch of rich millennials got bamboozled, the people who were laughing at their expense had no problems throwing shade.

Look, the odds are probably not good we will see a Fyre Festival 2018, but one can dream, no? In fact, the organizers have said they are interested in trying again next year! After they refund people their money, deal with all the lawsuits, and find a new location, we are thinking founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland might want to think smaller for next year’s festivities.

As we have done with other music festivals, below are the odds of what next year’s Fyre Festival could look like.

Fyre Festival 2018 Odds

Odds on there being a Fyre Festival in 2018: 3/2

Although organizers are claiming 81% of people who signed up for this year’s Fyre fest will return in 2018, something tells me that the $100-million lawsuit and the overall costs of this year’s disaster will sink them deep into massive debt. Not to mention Billy McFarland’s history doesn’t show a bro who enjoyed much success in his previous ventures.

If there is a 2018 Fyre Festival, odds it’s at a beach in…

  • America: 1/4
  • Mexico: 9/1
  • Thailand: 23/2
  • Philippines: 100/1
  • North Korea: 5000/1

Odds to Headline Fyre Festival 2018

Photo Credit: Sweet Alize (Flickr)

Blink 182, Major Lazer and a few other musical acts had to cancel this year and so we look forward to what other great acts will cancel in 2018. I’m guessing organizers will probably have to search for talent a few rungs below what they were able to get this year.

Maybe it will have to be musical acts that play bar mitzvahs, or ones that don’t pay attention to the news. Or any of the artist’s who were desperate enough to play at Trump’s inauguration.

  • Ja Rule: 3/2
  • Tyga: 17/3
  • Desiigner: 9/1
  • Pusha T: 9/1
  • Major Lazer: 23/2
  • Blink 182: 23/2
  • Limp Bizkit: 19/1
  • Kid Rock: 50/1
  • 3 Doors Down: 100/1
  • Wreckx-n-Effect: 150/1

Odds on what food will be served at Fyre Festival 2018

  • Their famous cheese sandwiches (can’t break tradition): 1/1
  • Salad with no dressing: 2/1
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets: 100/1
  • Mom’s meatloaf: 150/1

Odds on Billy McFarland’s future sketchy business ventures

Photo Credit: By Ian Moran
  • An app for young and wealthy people that does stuff: 1/99
  • Clothing line: 3/1
  • Energy Drink that says it’s healthy but isn’t: 9/1
  • Strip club for rich millennials only: 24/1
  • Presidential bid (because business failure can take you places): 100/1
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