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How Safe is Rick Grimes in Season 8 of The Walking Dead?

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Season 8 of The Walking Dead is going to be like Die Hard but with zombies.

The new season premiered on Sunday, October 22, and kicked off with what is being deemed the “All Out War.” Fans of the comics have known that this story arc was on the horizon and now the bloody battle begins! Andrew Lincoln, who stars as Rick Grimes, has already suggested there will be a lot of death, and Lennie James (Morgan Jones) has hinted a beloved character could be killed off this season. Now all kinds of rumors are cropping up online about who that major character might be. For now, it is all hearsay and possible misdirection. But we already bid adieu to Father Gabriel in Episode 8.1.

Before we go any further … SPOILER ALERT! 

The “All Out War” nearly erupted in the Season 7 finale, a season in which baddie Negan took out a lot of key players, including Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, and Olivia. Meanwhile, Rick spent the majority of the season, not only trying to survive, but creating an army of his own.

Going into Season 8, it appears Grimes and his crew are getting the band back together and are ready to face off against Negan and the Saviors. That means a lot of minor characters are going to meet their makers along with a few that we have grown to love.

Will the writers actually kill off any of the show’s main characters, like Rick or Negan?

Below are the odds on who will die and who will thrive in the upcoming season. The odds are based on rumors and what has been going on in the comics. At times, the show has deviated from those printed pages, however, they do give us some clues on what the future might hold, and there are safe bets to be made on imminent demises.


  • Gregory: 2/3
  • Jadis: 9/11
  • Morgan: 1/1
  • Shiva the Tiger: 11/9
  • Eric: 3/2
  • Simon: 3/2
  • Rosita: 3/1
  • Tara: 3/1
  • Aaron: 3/1
  • Eugene: 4/1
  • Jerry: 4/1
  • Tobin: 17/3
  • Ezekiel: 9/1
  • Dwight: 9/1
  • Michonne: 19/1
  • Jesus: 19/1
  • Enid: 25/1
  • Maggie: 25/1
  • Carol: 50/1
  • Rick: 50/1
  • Negan: 50/1
  • Carl: 100/1
  • Daryl: 100/1

Although there have been rumors about the death of Rick Grimes, for now, he remains a long shot along with Negan and Daryl. Those characters still have much more to give before they’re written off the show.

The major character will most likely to die is Morgan as he’s currently outliving his comic counterpart. Offing him wouldn’t throw a wrench into any integral upcoming storylines. (Plus, anytime a character proclaims, “I don’t die” in a trailer, it means he’s gonna die.) That said, the comics had dear old Carol dead as a doornail, yet the fan-favorite has found a new lease on life on the TV series. So don’t take Morgan’s comic death as the nail in his coffin. Based on how much the fans and showrunners lover her, Terminator Carol should be safe this season, too.

As stated, there will be a lot of minor-character deaths in Season 8. The one that would probably upset the fanbase the most is the death of Shiva the Tiger! Sorry folks, but something tells me the big, expensive CGI cat gets it. “Aww… ”

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