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Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Listed as Big Underdog in Potential Fight with Bob Menery

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Photo: U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Grovert Fuentes-Contreras (public domain).
  • Barstool president Dave Portnoy has been challenged to a celebrity boxing match by Bob Menery. 
  • Their bad blood dates back to 2010 when Menery claimed he worked for Barstool while acting like a doofus at a college party. 
  • While calling Menery a “celebrity” is a stretch, bettors can still put real money on who would win and whether the fight will take place.

Back in 2010, comedian(?) Bob Menery had an audition of sorts to become an employee of Barstool Sports. Barstool president Dave Portnoy gave Menery a bunch of Barstool merchandise to hand out at colleges, and what happened next is kind of unclear.

Portnoy says that Menery went to a college party, claimed he worked for Barstool in order to get girls to take their shirts off, and was generally a massive ******.

Menery doesn’t really seem to dispute that. Instead, he basically argues that Portnoy is being persnickety if he’s going to draw a line between giving Menery Barstool merchandise to give away and “working” for Barstool.

However this feud started, a couple things are clear: (1) it’s still going, and (2) Menery wants to settle it with a boxing match at Rough ‘N Rowdy, the amateur boxing promotion Barstool bought in 2017.

While Portnoy was quick to pour cold water on the idea, BetOnline has posted a couple props for the potential matchup, including odds to win and odds that the fight actually takes place.

Menery vs Portnoy Fight Odds

Fighter Odds to win at BetOnline  (Dec. 19)
Dave Portnoy +150
Bob Menery -200

The first prop establishes Menery as a sizeable favorite. He’s certainly the one pushing for the fight and has a bigger frame than Portnoy. But is he good value at -200?

More on that shortly.

Will the Portnoy vs Menery fight happen by Jan 31, 2019? Odds at BetOnline (Dec. 19)
YES +2000

The second prop sets the odds on the fight actually happening at a very long +2000 (4.8% chance). It does not allow you to wager on “NO” at this point in time.

Tale of the Tape: Portnoy vs Menery

Dave Portnoy
Bob Menery

0-0? RECORD 0-0?
Unknown HEIGHT Unknown
Unknown WEIGHT Unknown
759,000 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 81,700

(We’ll reach out on Twitter and perhaps the gentleman themselves can help us fill in the blanks in due course.)

Betting Advice

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: do not bet on this fight happening. There is a reason why you can’t bet on “NO.” The sportsbook sees too much potential for loss, even if they open the “NO” side at incredibly short odds.

That said, if you can part with a portion of your bankroll for six weeks, there is value on betting Portnoy to win. (If the fight doesn’t take place, you’ll get your money back.)

There is no reliable information on the height or weight of either would-be combatant right now. From online videos, Menery seems a bit bigger and probably has a little more natural athleticism. But there’s little to choose between the two on that front.

Here’s why Portnoy is the play: Menery is pushing for a fight in a promotion that Portnoy effectively owns. I’m not suggesting that the fix would be in, but if this fight happens, it’s going to be on Portnoy’s terms. Being the “A side” in a boxing match leads to certain practical advantages.

Just look at what happened with the Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa Rizin fight. When it was first announced, the rules were still TBD. The big question was whether it would be MMA rules, kickboxing rules, boxing rules, or some mix.

The lack of information led to drastically different odds at various online sportsbooks. Mayweather was a -260 favorite at Bovada, while Nasukawa was a -140 favorite at MyBookie.

As I advised then, taking Mayweather as an underdog was the value play. He didn’t run his boxing record to an unblemished 50-0 by taking stupid risks. He was never going to agree to an MMA/kickboxing match with a 20-year-old kickboxing phenom.

Lo and behold, he didn’t.

Portnoy may not be the contractual goliath that Mayweather is, but I’ll reiterate what I said above: if this fight happens, it will be on Portnoy’s terms. That makes +150 reasonable value.

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