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Netflix Revival Odds – The Future of Futurama & Agent Carter

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

May 24, 2016 · 3:34 PM PDT

Netflix is known for finding jewels in the rough and resurrecting television shows from cancellation hell. Sometimes programs were solid and deserved a better fate; other times, the streaming giant sees an opportunity to capitalize on nostalgia, like when they brought back Full House (as Fuller House) and Gilmore Girls.

Netflix has the cash, and the patience, to allow shows to blossom and find a bigger audience. While other traditional networks only care about the ratings and bury shows at terrible days and times.

On the heels of another series of television deaths from network firing squads, and rumors of old programs being revitalized, I’m resetting the odds on which shows could find a new home on the streaming site, and which we’ll only see in our nighttime dream-gramming.

Agent Carter: 2/3

Marvel and Netflix have been making streaming television magic for a while now. When ABC decided to give the axe to poor ol’ Peggy Carter, it pissed a few people off to say the least. But why was Agent Carter even on ABC to start with (besides the obvious answer of Disney ownership)?

All Marvel television properties should always be rolled out on Netflix. Just check out their track record with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Plus, The Punisher and Luke Cage look promising.

If you want watered down Marvel, you can watch the terrible Agents of SHIELD. Agent Carter’s cancellation might have been a blessing in a superhero disguise because there is a real chance that Netflix picks up this little gem and gives it the love it deserves.

Futurama: 4/1

Why Comedy Central? Why did you crush us by cancelling Futurama again? How will people live without the ignorance of Fry or Bender wanting to murder things?

The way the last episode ended leaves the door open for more. Enter Netflix?

The Matt Groening-created show was long-viewed as The Simpsons ugly step-sibling, but I dare say the comedy and writing was far superior in Futurama in later years. Groening already has a relationship with Netflix and has been commissioned to create a new original program for the streaming giant. So maybe when he is done with that, he could bring Futurama back? Pretty please?

Malcolm in the Middle: 9/1

Frankie Muniz wants it. Bryan Cranston wants it. So what gives FOX? Why haven’t you revamped Malcolm in the Middle? This is the same network that is stalling on giving us a Married With Children reboot, too, so it appears FOX isn’t serious about cashing in on nostalgia yet.

So why not give it to Netflix (besides the obvious answer of $$$)?

Admit it, you would love to revisit Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, Hal, and Lois again. Okay and little Jamie, too. A couple of the younger actors, Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) and Lukas Rodriguez (Jaime), retired from show business, but their characters can be recast. The Emmy Award-winning comedy would have fantastic new material to work with now that Malcolm would be in his thirties and probably have kids of his own.

Goosebumps: 16/1

This was a fantastic, kid-friendly horror series based on  R.L. Stine’s best-selling books. Usually, the stories featured preteen characters in creepy, supernatural situations. I know some people would like to see an Are You Afraid of the Dark revival, but Goosebumps is more realistic given: (a) the success of the recent Goosebumps film, and (b) the fact that the original series is already available on Netflix.

Friday Night Lights: 20/1

Last time I checked, I had clear eyes and a full heart, but I was still losing because there was no more Friday Night Lights to binge watch on Netflix. No show has ever done a better job of capturing small-town Texas, where only God and football are worshiped, and not necessarily in that order.

The town of Dillon gave us some teenage drama that even grown adults enjoyed. Kyle Chandler was the perfect casting choice as coach Eric Taylor, who was not only a community pillar, but a man who cared for and protected his kids from the town’s insane football expectations.

Obviously, Landry Clarke, Tim Riggins, and Matt Saracen can’t still be in high school, but it would be cool to see what they’re doing now, and meet coach Taylor’s new squad. Texas forever.

The Field:

Married with Children: 2/1

House: 3/1

Stargate Universe: 3/1

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8/1

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles: 9/1

Lost: 15/1

Firefly: 25/1

Photo Credit: BagoGames Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagogames/16276002945)

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