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Odds Favor A$AP Rocky Being Found Innocent in Assault Trial & Won’t Meet With Trump

rapper A$AP Rocky
Odds look to be in favor of rapper A$AP Rocky not being found guilty. Photo By @MiaSanMiaBR1 (Twitter)
  • A$AP Rocky’s assault verdict scheduled for August 14
  • Will he be found innocent?
  • You can bet on props such as the verdict and will he meet Donald Trump

A$AP Rocky has gone through the court in Sweden for his assault charge and the verdict is scheduled to be revealed on August 14. Given how popular this case is, MyBookie has opened up a handful of props about the case you can bet on, like the verdict, and if he will meet Donald Trump among others.

Odds A$AP Rocky Will Be Found Guilty

Outcome Odds at MyBookie
Yes +170
No -250

*All odds taken 08/13/19

Many are expecting the verdict to be read as innocent and the odds reflect that. The performer says the altercation started when someone hit his guard and a fight had broken out. The alleged victim was then beat, kicked, and left bleeding on the ground. He had several cuts and Rocky posted videos on his Instagram of the altercation.

How he described it was the following:

“I’m so happy to be here right now. That was a scary, humbling experience, but I’m here right now. God is good. You know what I’m saying? People who wouldn’t even f**k with me felt sympathy and sympathetic for my situation. People was praying for me. That uplifted me when my spirits was low. I can’t thank y’all enough. That was crazy. Thank you so much.”

However, many celebrities have started to back up Rocky saying he is innocent, and many believe that will be the case. I tend to agree with the oddsmakers that the performer will be found not guilty.

Pick: No (-250) 

Length of Prison Time if Guilty

Number of Months Odds at MyBookie
Over 5.5 Months -120
Under 5.5 Months -120

Given the fact that I don’t think Rocky will be found guilty, I think this prop may be one to pass on.

Yet, if you think he will be found guilty,  the odds are set at -120 both ways for “Over/Under” 5.5 months. It is hard to pick which way to go, however, the maximum sentence could be two years.

Pick: No bet 

Will A$AP Rocky Meet Donald Trump Odds

Outcome Odds at MyBookie
Yes +250
No -400

President, Donald Trump tweeted out support to A$AP Rocky over his case, so now people are curious if he is found not guilty if he will get an invite to the White House.

Although Trump tweeted support to him, I think the oddsmakers have it right that he won’t meet him, but he is trying to help him get home. So, there is a chance he does invite the rapper to meet him, so the value is definitely there at +250 as opposed to -400 for the “No”, but I think the logical outcome is they don’t meet.

Pick: No (-400)

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