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Odds Heavily Favor Tyson Fury Fighting Braun Strowman in WWE Match

Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman in a WWE ring
Will fans get to see Fury vs Strowman in the WWE? Photo by What Culture https://whatculture.com/wwe/braun-strowman-tyson-fury-erupt-in-huge-wwe-raw-brawl.
  • Fury vs Strowman in WWE has been teased heavily for the last few days on TV
  • Will Strowman end up getting in there with the lineal heavyweight boxing champion?
  • Will Fury climb into a WWE ring to ‘get these hands’ from Strowman?

A potential WWE match between Tyson Fury  and Braun Strowman has been teased on World Wrestling Entertainment television a fair bit lately.

The big Smackdown premiere on FOX featured Fury jumping the barricade to get at WWE leviathan Strowman. This took place on Friday with Fury returning on Monday to speak to the masses on RAW.

Once more, the two monsters got in each other’s faces, but this time it created a massive pull-apart brawl. It now seems inevitable that these two will eventually ‘settle the score’ in the squared circle.

Odds of a Fury vs Strowman WWE Match

Winner Odds
Yes -500
No +300

*Odds taken 10/08/19

This is the latest instance of pro wrestling using overlap with combat sports to garner interest. AEW brought in former WWE champion and current Bellator MMA fighter Jake Hager for the debut of their weekly TV show “Dynamite”.

WWE also brought over Cain Velasquez on that aforementioned Smackdown on FOX premiere to confront old UFC rival Brock Lesnar.

In the present day context, Fury vs Strowman makes a ton of sense. It’s academic it will happen. The only question is when and where.

Fury and Strowman Will Square Off

This is a savvy maneuver for all involved considering timelines and outside variables. Fury vs Wilder II is the fight that boxing fans the world over want to see. But with the tentative timeline for that rematch going into February 2020, it gives Fury a little bit of time to pursue outside efforts.

Based on the style of how they’re telling this story with Strowman and Fury, I feel like they’ll be rushing to the blow-off match sooner rather than later. Based on the chaos he caused on Raw, it seems like The Gypsy King is chomping at the bit to take over the WWE ring.

Some were thinking that perhaps Wrestlemania would be the target for this bout in April but I don’t see that. The combustible nature of this feud leads me to believe that some sort of novelty boxing match will happen at Crown Jewel.

The latest foray into Saudi Arabia for WWE goes on October 31st; that coincides perfectly with setting something up between Fury vs Strowman in WWE.

It allows Fury, a known showman in boxing, to live out a fun dream while preserving the timeline for the Deontay Wilder rematch. I think this is guaranteed to happen and as an extension of my answer, I bet it happens at Crown Jewel on Halloween.

Pick: Yes (-500)

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