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Odds Heavily Against Joe Buck Accepting a Job to Do Play-by-Play for an Adult Film Company in 2020

Joe Buck
Joe Buck has broadcasted many things, but never adult videos. Photo by @royalsreview (Twitter).
  • Joe Buck has been offered $1 million by adult film company ImLive to announce 25 live cam shows per week for six weeks
  • Buck offered to do play-by-play for videos submitted by fans in March, and received quite a few explicit submissions which he opted not to voice
  • Is there any chance Buck accepts ImLive’s offer in 2020? Find out what we think below

Normally Joe Buck is one of the busiest sports broadcasters in the business this time of year. His MLB duties are in full swing, and he’s gearing up to anchor Fox’s coverage of the US Open in June.

However, thanks to the havoc the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the world of pro sports, Buck has been relatively quiet lately. That could all change if adult film company ImLive gets its wish. They’re offering Buck $1 million to announce 25 live cam shows per week for six weeks.

Odds Joe Buck Announces Adult Videos in 2020

Outcome Odds
No -2000
Yes +750

Odds taken on May 1

We wouldn’t be talking about this unless you can wager on it, and not surprisingly the odds of Buck accepting the offer are incredibly long.

Buck Would Never Tarnish His Legacy

Buck is a consummate professional and it’s almost impossible to imagine him stooping to this level for an easy payday. Yes, he does work for a network that’s know for pushing the envelope, remember Paradise Hotel?

But even Fox would draw the line at adult videos. Buck is reportedly under contract until 2021, and I doubt one of the biggest television networks in the country would allow one of their stars to be involved in this type of production.

Furthermore, Buck offered to do play-by-play for fan videos back in March in exchange for charitable donations, but declined to announce the explicit submissions. Perhaps he’s too bashful for the adult film world.

He Doesn’t Need the Money

The biggest reason why Buck won’t be voicing adult videos anytime soon is that he simply doesn’t need the money. He reportedly brings in roughly $6 million a year from Fox and has a net worth of $15 million. Why on earth he would jeopardize that kind of salary?

And to those who argue this would be a great way to keep his broadcasting chops sharp or alleviate boredom, they’re obviously not familiar with his wildly successful podcast. Buck and co-host Oliver Hudson have been pumping out episodes since the start of April and have already cracked the top-30 on the podcast charts. Joe is having no trouble staying busy during quarantine and won’t be getting Buck-wild anytime soon.

Pick: No (-2000)

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