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Head-to-Head Odds to Perish 1st in Game of Thrones Season 8

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in Entertainment

Updated Apr 22, 2020 · 12:15 PM UTC

Game of Thrones
Anticipation is high for Game of Thrones' eighth season. Photo by HBO.
  • HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 8 premiers April 14th
  • You can now wager on head-to-head props for which character will perish first
  • What’s the best bet for each prop?

Tuesday felt like Christmas morning for millions of Game of Thrones fans who woke to the release of a chilling new trailer for the show’s final season.

If Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that all men must die. You’ve been able to wager on who the show’s first casualty will be for months, and now books are offering head-to-head props on which character will perish first. It’s important to note, that if neither character dies the bet is voided, so sit back, relax and prepare to bid farewell to your favorite GOT stars.

Who Will Perish First: Varys or Bronn?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Varys -160
Bronn +120

*All odds taken on 03/05/19

Bronn will be a key soldier in the war against the Dead, while Varys will be watching from the sidelines.  On paper, there’s a quicker path to Bronn dying, but there was a prophecy dropped in season 7, episode 3 about Varys’ fate.

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Melisandre tells the Spider that she’ll return to Westeros one last time, because she has to die in this strange country just like him.

Pick: Varys -160

Who Will Perish First: Tormund Giantsbane or Brienne of Tarth?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Tormund Giantsbane -300
Brienne of Tarth +200

There’s nothing I’d like to see more than these two surviving the great wars and making babies together; great big monsters that conquer the world as Tormund puts it.

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But if one them has to go, I’d lean towards Brienne. She swore to Lady Stark that she’d protect her daughters, and I could see her sacrificing her own life to save Sansa or Arya.

Pick: Brienne of Tarth (+200)

Who Will Perish First: Gilly or Hot Pie?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Gilly -800
Hot Pie +425

There’s a good chance Hot Pie isn’t involved in any season 8 storyline. Last time we saw him, he was manning a kitchen along the Kingsroad, while Gilly is in Winterfell close to where the battle between the living and the dead will take place. You can’t die if you’re not in the story, so it’s Gilly by default.

Pick: Gilly (-800)

Who Will Perish First: Euron Greyjoy or Theon Greyjoy?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Euron Greyjoy -230
Theon Greyjoy +160

After cowering away from a fight with Euron to save his sister’s life, the showrunners went out of their way to prop up Theon in the season 7 finale, setting up a final showdown between these two Greyjoys.

Theon has somehow survived this long, despite every fan’s plea for his demise, and the only way his story arc can be salvaged is if he kills his uncle.

Pick: Euron (-230)

Who Will Perish First: Gregor Clegane or Sandor Clegane?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Gregor Clegane -600
Sandor Clegane +350

The Clegane Bowl is happening, and when it does I expect the Hound to emerge victorious.

His whole life has been building towards a final showdown with his brother, and there’s no way the showrunners would keep him around this long if it wasn’t to end the Mountain’s reign of terror.

Pick: Gregor Clegane (-600)

Who Will Perish First: Melisandre or Davos Seaworth?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Melisandre -320
Davos Seaworth +210

As mentioned earlier, we know Melisandre isn’t surviving season 8, but will she outlast Davos?  The latter claims to not be much of a fighter, but he’s survived the show’s biggest battles thus far, and Jon Snow will need a right hand man to help navigate the politics of ruling once the dust settles.
Pick: Melisandre (-320)

Who Will Perish First: Jamie Lannister or Tyrion Lannister?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Jamie Lannister -260
Tyrion Lannister +175

Jamie is one of the show’s most tragic characters, and there’s no way his story ends happily.  He realizes Cersei is a monster, and I’m of the belief he’ll kill her before taking his own life once there’s nothing left to live for.

YouTube video

Tyrion meanwhile, is too clever to die, and it would be fitting if he ended up Lord of Casterly Rock, the one thing his father was determined to not let happen.

Pick: Jamie Lannister (-260)

Who Will Perish First: Jon Snow or Bran Stark?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Jon Snow -175
Bran Stark +135

These two are the odds-on favorites to rule Westeros upon the show’s completion, so it’s unlikely that one of them dies.

However, if forced to choose I have to lean Bran, since the whole show is based upon a story of Ice and Fire, and Jon Snow is the only character who is made from both key ingredients. Also, if there’s any validity to the Bran is actually the Night King theory, than he’ll have to perish if there’s any hope for the world they live in to continue to exist.

Pick: Bran (+135)

Who Will Perish First: Arya Stark or Sansa Stark?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Arya Stark -230
Sansa Stark +160

Go ahead and call me naive, but I honestly believe that all the remaining Starks survive the season 8 bloodshed.

Arya will be on the battlefield when the dead arrive, so if one of them has to die she’s more likely. As the Lady of Winterfell, Sansa will be heavily guarded, and will only perish if there’s no Stark, or Brienne of Tarth, left to protect her.

Pick: Arya (-230)

Who Will Perish First: Cersei Lannister or Daenarys Targaryen?

Who Will Perish First? Odds
Cersei Lannister -250
Daenarys Targaryen +170

Anyone familiar with the Valonqar prophecy knows Cersei is doomed to die at the hands of her younger brother. She’s always assumed that Tyrion would be the one to try to kill her, but her twin Jamie is technically younger than her as well, if only by a few minutes.

As mentioned earlier, I believe Jamie will ultimately end Cersei’s reign, opening the door for a new ruler, one who wants to break the wheel and build a better world.

Pick: Cersei Lannister (-250)

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