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Odds Say Lady Gaga Attends VMAs With Dan Horton Rather Than Bradley Cooper

Will Lady Gaga show up to the MTV VMAs with Bradley Cooper? Photo by Sassy [WikiCommons] [CC License]
  • MTV’s Annual Video Music Awards ceremony airs Monday, August 26
  • The awards show is the biggest night in music all season
  • Will Lady Gaga show up with new boyfriend Dan Horton, bestie Bradley Cooper, or ride solo?

It’s time for music fans’ favorite night of the summer: The MTV Video Music Awards.

Amidst all the bets of which videos will actually take home awards, a bigger question is on the minds of pop music fans everywhere: who will Lady Gaga show up to the show with?

It’s not news anymore that Gaga became extremely close to her A Star is Born co-star Bradley Cooper, but more recently, she’s become romantically linked to her audio engineer Dan Horton.

So, who will she take on her arm for this year’s red carpet?

Who Will Lady Gaga Show Up to the 2019 MTV VMAs With?

Who Will Lady Gaga Show Up With? Yes Odds at MyBookie No Odds at MyBookie
Bradley Cooper +300 -600
Dan Horton +160 -200

*Odds taken 08/14/19

In past years, the MTV VMAs have been a consistent opportunity for artists to make a splash on the red carpet. From Lil Kim’s breasts-out number to Rose McGowan’s barely-there cover-up, it’s always a chance for stars to get attention.

Gaga has been no stranger to this herself. From her iconic raw meat dress to her stunning couture Alexander McQueen gown, she’s always led the pack at the VMAs, and it’s likely this year will be no different.

So, when guessing who she’s going to walk down the red carpet with, the answer is probably just herself.

Gaga has made a hell of a comeback with A Star is Born. Longtime fans finally had a chance to brag to longtime naysayers about both her acting and singing abilities. Not to mention her single from the film, “Shallow”, featuring Cooper ended up being her first number-one single in eight years.

When guessing who Lady Gaga is going to walk down the red carpet with, the answer is probably just herself.

But this comeback for Gaga is about no one but herself. She’s shared the limelight with Cooper some given the film’s success, but with the media attention she’s had in recent months, this could all come down to a calculated PR move.

Rumor Has It

The press tour for A Star is Born is long over, and even though Gaga and Cooper’s friendship is nothing new to the media at this point, it’s very unlikely she’s going to take him as her date.

Gaga and Cooper have been dodging headlines and rumors for months about an apparent romantic partnership between the two of them. By leaving Cooper at home, Gaga has a chance to shake off those rumors once and for all.

With Cooper likely being left out of the VMA’s (at least as Gaga’s date), eyes are on her new boyfriend, audio engineer Dan Horton.

By leaving Bradley Cooper at home, Gaga has a chance to shake off rumors once and for all.

Yes, Gaga is more likely to show up with Horton that Cooper, but Gaga is likely not to bring Horton as a date either.

The romance is extremely new, and this timeframe is all about Gaga crafting a new musical era for herself. With A Star is Born behind her, fans are speculating that this award show outing may be the debut of the next Gaga album cycle.

Fans have been waiting on the long-anticipated follow up to her previous album, Joanne, for several years now, and if she’s going to finally get the show going, she’s going to be best suited for the occasion without anyone else as a visible distraction.


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