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Odds to Survive Money Heist Season 5: Tokyo & The Professor Heavy Favorites to Live, Gandia -303 Odds to Die

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Mar 19, 2021 · 10:16 AM PDT

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  • Odds are in for which characters will survive season five of Álex Pina’s crime drama Money Heist
  • The upcoming season is allegedly in pre-production with no release date yet announced
  • Most of the cast have better odds to survive the season. We examine which characters will meet their fate and who definitely won’t

In the world of Netflix’s Spanish dramas, mortality is always a fleeting thing. From Elite to House of Flowers, the international imprint has become well-known for its death-centered storylines. Money Heist is no different.

Money Heist (English for La Casa De Papel – literally, “House of Paper”) has earned tons of fans, from Neymar to Stephen King. The writing is exceptional and, thankfully, unique. In a bloated television industry filled with cookie-cutter programming, Money Heist is refreshing.

Season five of the heist crime drama will see risky and temperamental stakes being raised once again. Considering the end of season four ended with a gunpoint cliffhanger, it’s not surprising to see odds in place guessing which characters will die in the upcoming season.

Spoiler alert: most of the characters are anticipated to live. There are a few exceptions to the rule, though. The odds in place may seem tame but on the plus side, they’re quite realistic and representative of how the season could and should play out.

Odds on Who Will Survive Season 5 of Money Heist

Character Yes Odds No Odds
Alicia -400 +255
Arturo -120 -120
Bogota -138 +100
Colonel Tamayo -300 +225
Denver -275 +187
Gandia +225 -300
Helsinki -250 +175
Lisbon -300 +225
Manila -163 +120
Marseille -150 +110
Palermo -200 +140
Rio -188 +137
Stockholm -175 +125
The Professor -1000 +475
Tokyo -500 +333

*All odds taken on July 8

Most of the characters in the list have odds in their favor to survive the season. While we have no clue where season five will take us narrative-wise, leaving some key players in place for a potential sixth season seems plausible.

This show has shown before it’s not afraid to make big moves to keep things interesting and advance the plot. Fans have already witnessed a handful of characters be killed off. Surely this season won’t be any different.

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The best odds of the entire cast are on The Professor to survive. As the key protagonist and master puppeteer behind the entire ensemble cast, his survival is integral to the entire production. Writers would be foolish to off this fascinating heavy hitter.

Pick: The Professor – Survives (-1000)

The Equal Odds of Arturo

In an intriguing list of odds where almost every character’s fate is heavily favored, there is one exception.

Arturo Román, the former Director of the Royal Mint of Spain, has been a complex character to watch throughout the show’s arc. He’s done some terrible things and his character is easily one of the least likeable.

Personal decisions aside, some of the best moments in the show have happened due to Arturo’s attempts to thwart the show’s lovable criminals. He adds to a great dynamic that is at the core of Money Heist.

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So, why the equal odds? A lot of the plot points Arturo helped progress have been tied up. He’s already served a great purpose in this story. Given somebody needs to be killed soon to keep things interesting, he may be the one whose time is up.

That said, writers could easily find another big turn for Arturo to keep his character relevant. Doing so may be risky and may actually hinder the plot from progressing, though.

Pick: Arturo – Does Not Survive (-120)

An Expected Death

If you want to talk about who actually might kick the bucket, oddsmakers seem to have their eyes on Gandia. As a newer character who only became a full cast member last season, he wouldn’t be missed as much as the long-standing cast members.

Gandia’s appearance in Money Heist doesn’t add much to the show. In fact, fans are suggesting that he should have already been offed last season during a pivotal moment when he killed another character.

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Also, given Gandia’s role as an antagonist working against the core group of heist members, having him be offed in the next batch of episodes would be a satisfying and relieving reprieve for fans. With a show as stressful and anxiety-provoking as Money Heist writers need to reward viewers with little nuggets such as this.

Pick: Gandia – Does Not Survive (-300)

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