Opening 2019 WWE Survivor Series Odds: Brock Lesnar Heavily Favored Over Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio flexing on the top rope
Rey Mysterio opened as a sizable underdog in his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar. Photo by felipe bascuñan (flickr).
  • WWE Survivor Series will take place at the AllState Arena in Chicago on November 24th
  • This year’s installment will pit Raw, SmackDown, and NXT against each other in a battle for brand supremacy
  • How will the odds for each of the top matches on the card change between now and Survivor Series?

Although WWE Survivor Series 2019 is only nine days away (Nov. 24 at AllState Arena, Chicago), there’s a decent chance the card receives another significant shakeup, leading the odds for the event to shift even more than they already have.

So far, most of the main matches for the pay-per-view have been set in stone, including Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship. It’s also been rumored that “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt will defend his Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan on the SmackDown side of things.

Everything else will be a battle for brand supremacy as Raw, SmackDown, and NXT go head-to-head-to-head in a series of exciting and fresh matchups.

Fans have already begun to put money down on whom they expect to win in each outing. How those odds will change as the show draws closer remains to be seen.

WWE Championship Odds: Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio

Wrestler Odds
Brock Lesnar -400
Rey Mysterio +250

All odds taken November 15.

Lesnar vs. Mysterio was the first match made official for the Survivor Series lineup, which was only academic coming off their heated confrontation at Crown Jewel last month. On that night, Lesnar defeated longtime rival Cain Velasquez with ease, and based off the odds for Lesnar vs. Mysterio, The Master of 619 is bound to suffer a similar fate.

Truth be told, this has been one of the better-built bouts heading into the November classic. That’s mostly because it has nothing to do with brand supremacy but rather legitimate bad blood between Lesnar and Mysterio.

Surprisingly enough, Mysterio has gotten the better of The Beast Incarnate on a few occasions in recent weeks. Despite that, he remains a heavy underdog against Lesnar, who has decimated opponents twice the size of Mysterio over the years.

Unless WWE books some sort of major angle on Monday’s Raw that sells Mysterio as an equal to Lesnar, it’s unlikely the odds will be budging much for this matchup.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Roderick Strong Odds

Wrestler Odds
AJ Styles -125
Shinsuke Nakamura +150
Roderick Strong +300

On paper, Styles vs. Nakamura vs. Strong has the potential to be a show-stealer. All three Superstars are exceptional athletes, arguably making this the most anticipated match on the Survivor Series card. It should also be among the most unpredictable matches of the night.

Styles has dominated the Raw ranks since becoming United States champion over the summer, so at -125, it’s easy to assume he’ll stay in that top spot. Nakamura isn’t too far behind at +150, though he has accomplished a lot less over the course of his reign as United States champion.

Strong shouldn’t be underestimated, and with another successful NXT invasion this coming Monday or Friday night, he could very well move up in the odds. Granted, he failed to beat Keith Lee this past week on NXT, but there’s no reason to believe he can’t score the victory over these two equally seasoned veterans.

Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Shayna Baszler Odds

Wrestler Odds
Becky Lynch +150
Bayley +200
Shayna Baszler +110

From a storyline standpoint, this women’s Triple Threat has the most going for it. WWE has done a tremendous job of making this match matter by having the ladies invade each other’s shows and get involved in each other’s matches. Baszler in particular has been booked to look dominant throughout their feud and should be considered the safe pick to win as of now.

The chances the odds change for this one are slim, but then again, Lynch has had a career year as Raw Women’s champion in 2019 and has yet to lose by pinfall on pay-per-view. It’s difficult to imagine her losing to an NXT star, but she wouldn’t have to be involved in the final decision with it being a three-way.

Lost in all the noise is Bayley, who is trying her best to remain relevant by targeting Baszler every opportunity she has. She’s laid out The Queen of Spades on two separate occasions and has yet to move up in the odds. That isn’t expected to change before Survivor Series next Sunday.

Viking Raiders vs New Day vs Undisputed Era Odds

Wrestler Odds
The Viking Raiders -175
The New Day +300
Undisputed Era +200

This match is a prime example of how anything can happen on the road to Survivor Series. It was originally supposed to see Viking Raiders, The Revival and Undisputed Era waging war in an all-champions Triple Threat tag team matchup, but New Day took Revival’s place after beating them for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship last Friday night.

It’s interesting to note New Day is the least favored tandem in the bout. Although they are fresh off regaining the gold, Kofi Kingston and Big E have little momentum at the moment and wouldn’t be the smartest choice to win this thing.

Viking Raiders, on the other hand, have been undefeated in standard tag team competition since arriving on the main roster earlier this year. The O.C. earned themselves a future title shot by pinning them in the tag team turmoil match at Crown Jewel, so unless they’re added at the last minute, Viking Raiders are the front-runners to reign supreme.

Similar to the aforementioned matchups, Undisputed Era will need a bit of a boost before next weekend if they’re going to be considered a serious threat to the current Raw Tag Team champions (whom they’ve never defeated).

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