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People’s Choice Awards Betting Odds

Randy McInnis

by Randy McInnis in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:40 AM PST

The nominees for the 2014 People’s Choice Awards are out and the odds are now in!

How do the nominees stack up and who are the favorites coming into the show scheduled to air January 8, 2014?

Favorite Movie
Despicable Me 2 +150
Fast & Furious 6 +1000
Iron Man 3 -130
Monsters University +200
Star Trek Into Darkness +500

Favorite Actor
Channing Tatum +1500
Hugh Jackman +350
Johnny Depp -140
Leonardo DiCaprio +700
Robert Downey Jr. +300

Favorite Actress
Gwyneth Paltrow +600
Jennifer Aniston +400
Melissa McCarthy +750
Sandra Bullock +400
Scarlett Johansson -140

Favorite Album
The 20/20 Experience – Justin Timberlake -150
Bangerz – Miley Cyrus +200
Based on a True Story… – Blake Shelton +1200
Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke +600
To Be Loved – Michael Bublé +1100

Favorite Male Artist
Avicii +700
Blake Shelton +1000
Bruno Mars +150
Justin Timberlake -120
Michael Bublé +1000

Favorite Female Artist
Britney Spears +150
Demi Lovato +1000
Katy Perry -140
P!nk +1000
Selena Gomez +1000

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
Beauty and the Beast +1700
Once Upon A Time +1000
Supernatural +800
The Vampire Diaries -200
The Walking Dead +150

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
Conan O’Brien +400
David Letterman +1000
Jimmy Fallon -150
Jimmy Kimmel +250
Stephen Colbert +1000

What do these numbers mean? A positive number (+) represents the amount of money you could win on a $100 bet — so +1000 for Stephen Colbert means if you wager $100 and he wins, you get paid out $1,000. Since Colbert is an underdog (not our personal view, but this ain’t about us), you stand to win more on your bet.

A negative number (-) represents how much you’d have to bet to win $100 — so -150 for Jimmy Fallon means you’d have to wager $150 to win $100. Since Fallon is the favorite to win, your bet isn’t much of a risk so you don’t stand to win as much on your bet.

Still not clear on how this works? Leave us a comment below and we’ll straighten you out.

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