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Political Odds: Who Will Run Against Trump in 2020?

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

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A lot of Americans can’t wait for the year 2020. That will be the next chance they’ll have to participate in a federal election after so many stayed home this time around.

A multitude of factors led to Donald Trump becoming President. The USA being a country full of racists was one of them. Voter apathy was another.

Who knew apathy could produce Satan’s spawn?

A lot of the disinterest had to do with lack of choice. Many progressive democrats didn’t like the idea of another Clinton as President. They certainly didn’t want Donald Trump as a President either, so they just stayed at home binge-watching Stranger Things.


While “Murica” deals with their very own version of “The Upside Down” where their President golfs, tweets and dabbles in a potential nuclear war, there is hope that, in four years, The Donald could be sent packing back to Florida so he can finally retire and play Gorodki with his comrades.

Four years feels like forever but the Democrats need to start fighting now. And by “fighting,” I mean start looking for potential candidates who have the charisma, ideas, and smarts to get people excited about voting. Hey, maybe having a well-known celebrity running against Trump isn’t a crazy idea, especially if it means everyone gets a car! #Oprah

Currently, the DNC is fractured. Bernie Sanders lit a fire under millennials and other progressives who wanted something different than the status quo. But there’s still a huge swath of the party that wants a more left-center candidate who can’t be tagged a socialist.

Below are five potential Democratic candidates for 2020, and their odds of battling Dapper Don in the next election.

Sorry, but Michelle Obama is a longshot because she has stated she is done with Presidential life. Hillary Clinton will also be out of the picture, which leaves the door open for someone with a bit more swagger.

Of course, as the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years roll by (who’s counting?), other candidates will rise and make this list.

Let the countdown begin!

Odds on who will run against Trump in 2020

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): 3/2

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For now, US senator Elizabeth Warren is the soul of the Democratic Party, but will she still be relevant four years from now? Warren hasn’t even announced whether she will run for re-election in 2018. We won’t know her interest in a 2020 presidential bid for a while.

Warren has beaten the anti-Wall Street drum and is very popular among progressives. Don’t be surprised if she throws her name into the Democratic hat and goes toe-to-toe with Trump. She is considered by many to be one of the best candidates to take down the current President. Just watch her on Jimmy Fallon to see how she would make a terrific President.

Sen. Cory Booker (New Jersey): 4/1
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He once saved a woman from a burning building! He was also featured in the documentary Street Fight about how he fought the political machine to become Mayor of Newark.

Booker is not only a savvy politician but he’s also one of the best orators on this list. If you thought Obama made great speeches, you should hear this guy. Booker is a reformer who can probably heal the divide in the fractured Democratic party.

Maybe part of racist America isn’t ready for another black President, but this man is ready to rise! The question is: will it be for President in 2020?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont): 17/3
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He’s the most popular politician in the United States and could have been the Democratic nominee last time if he hadn’t been stiff-armed by his own party. He essentially came out of nowhere to start a true movement among young Democrats and progressives that won him 23 primaries/caucuses and garnered more than 13 million votes.  However, running for President in 2020 might be difficult considering he will be 79 by the next election cycle. There’s a chance he throws his support behind a younger candidate like Warren.

Whatever Bernie does, expect him to be a major cog in 2020 and a continued thorn in the Trump administration’s side.

Sen. Al Franken (Minneapolis): 9/1
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He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and doggone it, people like him. The former Saturday Night Live cast member is now a Senator straight out of the mean streets of Minnesota. But Franken for President is no laughing matter; he is articulate and essentially an outsider who might have the right ingredients to take on Trump.

As a senator, Franken doesn’t look for the spotlight, but he’s had his moments on C-SPAN (like his takedown of Betsy DeVos) and in an epic battle with Bill O’Reilly at a book expo. Franken does his homework and always brings the fight.

Oprah Winfrey (Talk Show Host and Entrepreneur): 10/1
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She has stated time and time again that she is not meant for the big chair in the White House. But recently she did an interview with Bloomberg Media’s David Rubenstein, and this time around, she wasn’t as dismissive of the idea of being Commander in Chief. Of course, that caused a fervor on the interweb that left people wondering if a celebrity and entrepreneur with no political experience could actually become President. Wink.

It might be far fetched but if Winfrey gets serious about running, she might be the time-bomb that is needed to blow up the current administration in 2020. Just imagine the type of book club they would have in the oval office?

The Field: 15/1

The “Field” is largely comprised of the following names. Most are still relative unknowns, in the grand scheme of things, but they have a few years to rise from obscurity.

Bob Iger (Disney CEO)
Sen. Kamala Harris (California)
Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio)
Mayor Bill de Blasio (New York City)
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota)
Sen. Tim Kaine (Virginia)
Tom Steyer (Billionaire San Francisco Environmentalist)
Gov. Jay Inslee (Seattle)
Sen. Roy Cooper (North Carolina)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York)
Gavin Newsom (Lieutenant Governor of California)
Mark Cuban (Businessman)

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Odds President Donald Trump loses in 2020 election: 1/1

Odds President Donald Trump will order more missile strikes into the desert and hit nothing: 2/1

Odds President Donald Trump is impeached before 2020: 9/1

Odds President Donald Trump will quit before 2020: 99/1

Odds President Donald Trump goes to war with North Korea: 17/3

Odds President Donald Trump starts WWIII: 9/1

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