Dancing with the Stars Odds: Biles Vaults to the Top

BIles is the favorite for season 24
Photo credit: Agência Brasil Fotografias, CC BY-SA 2.0 [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0], via Flick

Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars is about to kick off (Monday, March 20th), so it’s time once again to preview the contestants. 

The stars were revealed earlier this month on Good Morning America. Take a look!


Athletes have typically performed well on the show and this season should be no different. Last season, gymnast Laurie Hernandez blew the competition away and now her teammate Simon Biles is here to show us what she’s got.

The favorites this season are mostly females but the coveted Mirrorball trophy is still anyone’s to win. Here’s a look at the early odds.

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Odds to win Dancing with the Stars Season 24

Simone Biles: 3/1

Her Olympic teammate Laurie Hernandez won last season and Beijing gold medalist Shawn Johnson won back in Season 8. Now it’s time for the most decorated gymnast in America to make her mark. Given the tremendous history of gymnasts on the show, and the fact that Biles is as good a gymnast as there is, she enters as the deserving favorite.

Normani Kordei: 6/1

The Fifth Harmony member has a bit of a head-start on the other contestants. Kordei is already a gifted dancer and has dazzled America with a few solo dance videos. It’s not exactly the kind of dancing we’ll see on DWTS, but I’m sure she’ll pick it up easily.

Heather Morris: 8/1

Morris is most famous for her role in Glee, but she made her start on So You Think You Can Dance, and then as a backup dancer for Beyonce. As we saw on Glee, she’s an extremely gifted and versatile dancer.

Nancy Kerrigan: 9/1

Nancy Kerrigan is most famous for being knee-capped by a figure skating rival. But Kerrigan is one of the most talented figure skaters America has ever produced. Since retiring from competitive skating, she’s performed in quite a few ice shows. She has the athleticism and coordination to do very well.

Rashad Jennings: 10/1

Like gymnasts, NFL players have typically fared pretty well on the show, so let’s see what Rashad Jennings can do. We don’t know how well he dances, but he definitely has quick feet.

Nick Viall: 12/1

Nick Viall is a reality TV veteran, previously making a turn as the title bachelor on the aptly-titled The Bachelor. His other achievements include being born in Milwaukee, and attending college in Milwaukee. He’s a real renaissance man. Dancing with the Stars will extend his fifteen minutes of fame, but won’t expand (start?) his trophy collection. 

Bonner Bolton: 15/1

Bonner Bolton is a professional bull-rider, which means he knows how to remain composed when mounted atop a large, bucking animal. As far as skills go, that one’s pretty niche, and it remains to be seen how well it transfers to the dancefloor.

Mr. T: 24/1

If we lived in a just and fair world, Mr. T would be the heavy favorite. But at 64 years old, Clubber Lang doesn’t bob-and-weave like he used to, and he was always more of a power-puncher anyway. Don’t expect Laurence Tureaud (don’t say I never taught you anything)to make it to the end, but he’ll definitely entertain us along the way.

Charo: 25/1

For all we know, Charo may well be close to 100 years old. But one thing’s for sure: she’s still as high-energy and passionate as ever. She’s not exactly a favorite to win but like Mr. T, she should be a hit with the fans.

Erika Jayne: 25/1

In her 2016 hit “How Many F**ks do I give?”, Erika Jayne revealed in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t give too many. The dance-pop diva’s over-the-top persona is a good fit for the show.

David Ross: 49/1

Ross is the first MLB player to compete on Dancing with the Stars, and he’ll be looking to do his sport proud. But he faces some pretty stiff competition and the odds are definitely against him. I’m not sure the innate physical coordination that leads to athletes doing well on the show really applies to baseball players. Good hand-eye coordination won’t help you meringue.

Chris Kattan: 49/1

When most people think “SNL star”, the name “Chris Kattan” doesn’t usually spring to mind. But Kattan was the mastermind behind SNL gems like the “Gay Hitler” character and the “dagitybo” catch-phrase. It’ll be pretty surprising if he goes all the way on Dancing with the Stars. His dance credentials are largely caveman-based.

Odds to be eliminated first on Dancing with the Stars Season 24

  • Chris Kattan: 4/1
  • David Ross: 4/1
  • Erika Jayne: 17/3
  • Charo: 17/3
  • Nick Viall: 9/1
  • Bonner Bolton: 23/2
  • Mr. T: 19/1
  • Nancy Kerrigan: 49/1
  • Normani Kordei: 49/1
  • Heather Morris: 99/1
  • Rashad Jennings: 99/1
  • Simone Biles: 99/1

Odds that the celebrity winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 24 will be a woman: 1/3

The man with the best odds is 6’1″ and 230 pounds. So yeah, the ladies are big favorites.

Odds that the celebrity winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 22 will be an athlete: 1/1

Biles, Jennings, Kerrigan, and Ross make a formidable quarter.

Odds Mr. T says his catch-phrase “I Pity the Fool” on Episode 1 of DWTS Season 24: 1/4

Odds Charo says her catch-phrase “Cuchi Cuchi” on Episode 1 of DWTS Season 24: 1/19

Odds Bruno Tonioli is the first person to say “Cuchi Cuchi” to Charo on DWTS Season 24: 11/9

Odds that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi announce their break-up within 30-days of his elimination from DWTS: 17/3

Odds Tonya Harding is in the audience for an episode of Dancing with the Stars Season 24: 100/1

Odds on which US Olympic gymnast attends an episode of DWTS Season 24 first

  • Laurie Hernandez: 3/7
  • Aly Raisman: 9/11
  • Madison Kocian: 9/11
  • Gabby Douglas: 9/11
  • None: 7/3
  • All attend together: 11/9