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Updated Big Brother 24 Odds – Turner Closing Gap on Michael as Favorite to Win Season

Brady Trettenero

by Brady Trettenero in Entertainment

Updated Aug 31, 2022 · 11:17 AM PDT

Updated odds to win Big Brother 24
  • Big Brother 24 is down to the final eight houseguests on the popular CBS reality show
  • Turner has closed the gap on preseason favorite Michael Bruner in the odds to win the season
  • Read below for the updated Big Brother 24 odds, plus our betting pick for who will be crowned champion

Big Brother’s motto is “expect the unexpected”, and that’s exactly what Season 24 of the popular CBS reality show has delivered. The first eight weeks of BB24 have been full of betrayal, shocking blindsides and controversial moments.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the latest season, the Big Brother 24 odds have constantly been changing. Matthew Turner, a massive preseason longshot, is now the second-favorite to win the $700K prize behind superfan Michael Bruner.

Let’s take a look at the updated Big Brother 24 odds and offer you our betting pick for who will win the season.

Big Brother 24 – Odds to Win Season

Contestant Odds
Michael Bruner +250
Matthew Turner +275
Kyle Capener +500
Monte Taylor +650
Taylor Hale +650
Alyssa Snider +1200
Terrance Higgins +1200
Brittany Hoppes +1400

Odds as of August 31.

At +250 odds, Michael has 28.6 % implied probability to win Big Brother 24. No other contestant has worse than +1400 odds (7% probability).

Turner Surges in Big Brother 24 Odds

Matthew “Turner” Turner is the biggest mover in the odds to win Big Brother 24. The 23-year-old from North Attleboro, Massachusetts opened the season as a +1000 longshot but has surged up the odds to become the second favorite at +275.

Turner was the subject of some preseason controversy, as he was called out by his sister on social media. The thrift store owner went to work this season, however, winning over fans and housemates alike with his fun and laid-back personality.

Turner has been front-and-center in the past two weeks of Big Brother 24. When the house split into two groups as part of a twist, Turner took the opportunity to betray his “Leftovers” alliance and vote out Joseph. He followed that up by winning HOH the next week.

Most Big Brother fans online are displeased that Turner chose to side with a new “Afterparty” alliance over his previous alliance, but oddsmakers recognize the strategy. Turner is playing the middle man and could make it to final two if he plays his cards right.

Other Big Brother 24 Contenders

Given that the contestant pool has been narrowed down to eight, it’s not surprising that several players have seen their odds to win shorten. Taylor Hale has improved from +850 to +650 since preseason, while Monte Taylor has gone from +900 to +650.

There are certain houseguests such as Alyssa Snider (+1200) and Brittany Hoopes (+1400) who have barely seen any movement in their odds all season. This tells you everything you need to know about how they’re viewed in the eyes of the oddsmakers.


Alyssa hasn’t made any notable game moves and is known for her showmance with Kyle, while Brittany is the right-hand man of Michael and reportedly said on the live feeds she’d be okay with finishing second to him.

Terrance is near the bottom of the list, but “DJ Showtime” has actually seen his odds improve quite a bit from the preseason (+2100). Terrance did win a critical HOH in Week 7, but he put a target on his back by nominating Joseph and ensuring the lawyer went home.

Best Bet to Win Big Brother 24

Big Brother 24 is shaping up to be one of the more unpredictable seasons of the show in recent memory, which is why no contestant is being counted out in the odds. Michael appears to be the best player on BB24,  but he’s become a top house target due to his five veto wins.

Monte and Taylor offer the best value due to their prices in the odds, plus their strong jury management thus far. They are still far from locks, however, due to the twist and turns of the season. If you want to make a more sure-fire Big Brother bet, keep on reading in the section below.

Big Brother 24 – Odds to Win Amerca’s Favorite Houseguest 

Contestant Odds
Taylor Hale -200
Michael Bruner +500
Mathew Turner +500
Kyle Capener +1200
Joseph Abdin +1800
Monte Taylor +2200
Brittany Hoopes +2500
Alyssa Snider +4000
Jasmine Davis +4000
Indy Santos +5000
Terrance Higgins +5000
Nicole Layog +12500
Ameerah Jones +12500
Joe Pucciarelli +15000
Daniel Durston +15000
Paloma Aguilar +15000

Odds as of August 31.

Clear Choice to Win America’s Favorite Houseguest

Instead of betting on the winner of Big Brother 24, you can wager on which contestant will win “America’s Favorite Houseguest”. This $25,000 prize is separate from the grand prize money and voted on by the American viewing audience.

Social media search volume and hashtags can really give you insight into the most popular players on Big Brother 24. The amount of online support for early-season underdog Taylor Hale has been unlike anything the show has ever seen.

The “Miss Michigan” winner has won over Big Brother fans with her confidence, quirkiness and down-to-earth personality. She was also the subject of microaggressions early in the season and rose above the hate to make it far in the game.

Some of the value on Taylor to win AFP has disappeared, as her odds have improved from +450 to -200 during the season. The updated odds still only indicate she has 66% implied probability to win AFP, which still seems too low.

Taylor’s popularity is backed up by the fact she recently won ‘Favorite Reality Star’ at the 2022 TV Scoop Awards. You can’t go wrong betting the 27-year-old model for America’s Favorite Houseguest on Big Brother 24.

  • Pick: Taylor Hale for America’s Favorite Houseguest (-200)
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