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Updated Odds to Win America’s Got Talent After Top 10 Finalists Announced: Kodi Lee Favored

Kodi Lee
Fan favorite Kodi Lee is set to take home the gold on America's Got Talent. Photo By @burrow_news (Twitter)
  • Season 14 of reality series America’s Got Talent has now narrowed down to its top ten finalists
  • Standout contestant Kodi Lee is anticipated to take home the prize
  • The season finale will reveal the winner on September 18, 2019

For reality and entertainment fans, it’s an exciting time. Committed America’s Got Talent aficionados had the pleasure last season of seeing impressive illusionist Shin Lim take the first place prize. And now it’s time to find his successor.

Having shaved down the contestants by more than half, America’s Got Talent has now pared down the acts from 36  to the top ten. And the remaining competitors face fierce competition.

With the season finale just around the corner, it’s time to find out who is going to take home the coveted title of winner. There can only be one, of course.

America’s Got Talent Season 14 Odds

Contestant Odds
Kodi Lee +250
Tyler Butler-Figueroa +400
Benecio Bryant +600
Ryan Niemiller +600
V. Unbeatable +700
Light Balance Kids +1000
Ndlovu Youth Choir +1000
Detroit Youth Choir +1200
Voice of Service +1200
Emmane Beasha +1400

*Odds taken 09/12/19

The exciting component of America’s Got Talent, of course, is the variety of talents that contestants get to showcase. While many rival shows hone in on just one skill or expertise, Talent has resonated with audiences due to its impressive breadth of entertainment.

Previous winners haven’t been limited to the typical musical fare other series tend to see take home their prizes. Although we’ve seen some bona fide musical stars come out of Talent history (here’s looking at you, Grace VanderWaal), the buck hasn’t stopped there.

Judging by past season champions, we’ve seen ventriloquists, magicians, comedians, and performance artists all end up on top. So, in short, it’s hard to predict this year’s champion based on the show’s history given the unpredictable–albeit interesting– champions circle the show has generated.

Season 14, then, is best examined by checking out the actual top ten on an individual case-by-case basis then. So let’s start with the front-runner.

Kodi’s Rise

After gaining the season’s first golden buzzer, Kodi Lee was slated to go far but not necessarily seen as the projected winner initially. Well, that’s changed.

Consistently this season, Lee has proven himself time and time again. Impressing both the panel of judges and the public alike, Lee’s rising star has made him the one to watch. His performance of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” alone is reason enough to hand over the first-place prize.

Kodi Lee was slated to go far but not necessarily seen as the projected winner initially. Well, that’s changed.

Naturally, the competition is still tight even though it’s narrowed. Lee will have to outshine nine other acts over the next week in order to reign.

The competition is pretty tight. Coming for Lee’s gold is 11-year-old violin prodigy Tyler Butler-Figueroa. In Butler-Figueroa we have a viable challenger who comes with one heck of a back story on top of his artistic talents.

The rest of the competition is certainly impressive, too. Indian dance outfit V. Unbeatable has an undeniable swagger. We also have a few choirs, more musicians, and a comedian in the mix.

But none of these acts have that star sparkle that can take down a solo act that has the ability to move an audience emotionally. Lee’s performances bring star power, but the emotion he takes to the stage makes him undeniable.

Given the state of the world at the moment, America is looking for entertainment that connects with them on a deeper level. It’s Kodi Lee for the win.

Pick: Kodi Lee (+250)

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