Video Game Odds: Retro Games Set for a Remake

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“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” — Spanish philosopher George Santayana (paraphrased).

“Video game companies that repeat history are doomed to make buckets of cash.” — me (verbatim).

In other words, there’s gold in that thar nostalgia, and EA, Rockstar, Konami, and every other big gaming company know that nothing gets the older gamer crowd excited like replaying some of the great games of from their past, with the possible exception of slamming a can of Jolt cola.

With the advent of new technologies, like virtual reality, game designers have an opportunity to make the old new again, and give past favorites a full, immersive reboot. Similarly, the power that consoles and PCs now possess allows for fancy reimaginings destined to cash-in on the retro market.

Currently, one of the most popular games for the new Nintendo Switch is a remake of 1989’s Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, which has received glowing reviews. Remastered versions of Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Call of Duty have also done well, both critically and commercially.

But for every retro game that gets remastered and glitzed up in HD, it seems there are countless more rumors that get the gaming nerds all hyped up, often for nothing. Just a month ago, there was exciting internet gossip that Bioware was rebooting Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. But Bioware did not greenlight a reboot of KOTOR, thus destroying our hopes and dreams with one swing of a lightsaber.

It is fun to speculate, though, and fan the fires of rumors about what games could or should be remastered or rebooted. So let’s do what we do best and provide odds on some of the game titles of our past that have a chance of getting remade for PC and consoles in the next five years. Can of Jolt included.

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Retro Video Games: Odds to Be Remade in the Next 5 Years

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