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Will Aliens Come to Earth in 2023? See Odds of Extraterrestrial Life Being Found

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Entertainment

Updated Jul 24, 2023 · 9:45 AM PDT

Aliens on the rooftop of house
Ron Underwood's homemade flying saucer and accompanying alien figure June 17, 2021. Underwood placed them on his Potosi roof not as a statement of belief, but as an artistic acknowledgment of the national UFO interest that peaked over the summer.
  • The potential for alien existence in our universe has long intrigued plenty of people
  • You can now bet whether or not there will be alien life being found before the end of 2023
  • There are odds for a host of countries who will win the arms race to be the first to spot aliens

The debate and curiosity have been going on for ages – is there a possibility that aliens exist? If so, will we ever confirm their existence in our lifetimes? Are they connected to UFOs? Well, the potential for that to be answered is very real in 2023, with several countries joining forces to try and make some sense of it.


Last month, there was a hearing to discuss any findings and whether or not they would be made public. This coming Wednesday, the ‘House Oversight Committee’ plans to hold its own hearing promising ‘three dynamite witnesses’ who will reveal more details under oath. Though it’s a long shot, there are now odds on whether or not alien life form will be confirmed before the year ends.

Will There Alien Life Be Found On Earth In 2023?

Aliens on Earth Confirmed in 2023 Odds
Yes +10000

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The odds that alien life form will be confirmed this year are very slim at +10000. That’s an implied probability of it happening of 0.99%. This must be confirmed by the incumbent US President Joe Biden and incumbent Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres for the bet to cash.

Will Alien Lifeform Be Confirmed This Year?

It would be very difficult to firstly believe that aliens do exist, but that they will also be found by the end of the year. The aforementioned implied probability of 0.99% illustrates that. However, there was a gathering at the Pentagon late last month with reports related to so-called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). The details of this meeting unfortunately have remained classified, but the mere existence of them has led some to believe about the possibility aliens exist.

The goal of the meeting was to bring nations closer together to pool resources and findings with each other to coordinate more closely with friendly nations in pooling information on UAP sightings. Allegedly the United States has in its possession aircraft of non-human origin, and potentially many of them, according to David Grusch. Who is he? He was a United States Air Force (USAF) officer and former intelligence official who is a whistleblower.

With the calendar very soon moving towards August, sprinkling a few hard-earned bucks on aliens being found is fun at such long +10000 odds, but holding your breath thinking you’ll get a windfall from it isn’t advisable – particularly since it has to happen before 2024.

First Country To Find Alien Life

There are a plethora of potential countries that have odds attached to them on who will figure out aliens exist first. The betting favorite is the United States at +1200, with China, India and Russia all tied for second at +1500.

First Country To Find Alien Life

Country Odds
United States +1200
China +1500
India +1500
Russia +1500
Brazil +1800
Indonesia +1800
Nigeria +1900
North Korea +2000
Pakistan +2000
Bangladesh +3000
Japan +3000
Mexico +3500
Philippines +3500
Switzerland +4000
Argentina +5000
Australia +5000
Canada +5000
Egypt +5000
Ethiopia +5000
Iran +5000
South Korea +5000
Thailand +5000
Turkey +5000
UK +5000
Ukraine +5500
Vietnam +5500
France +6000
Germany +6000
Netherlands +6000
Algeria +8000
Colombia +8000
Italy +8000
Kenya +8000
South Africa +8500
Spain +8500
Uganda +9000

The two wagers that present interesting value are that of both Canada and the UK at +5000. Canada has the second most land space of all countries, and they were also part of US-led briefings from nations of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, along with the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. If you’re inclined to place a wager on a country, Canada has tremendous value.

Will Alien Life Be Found In 2023?

As fun as it would be to think of there being a separate species existing in this world, the likelihood of it coming to a head so soon is so miniscule. Sprinkling a few dollars on it is no sweat, but banking on it happening so soon is a fool’s errand.

Pick: No Alien Life Found


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