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WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Preview, Odds, & Predictions

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

Dean Ambrose and The Miz in South Australia WWE House Show
Photo Credit: Krystal Bogner

Get ready for violence and mayhem at WWE Extreme Rules 2017! (monster truck announcer voice)

Okay, maybe those days are gone, but when I hear a wrestling event being called “Extreme Rules,” I immediately get flashes of Sabu and Japanese Deathmatches. There was even a time when the WWE didn’t mind getting their hands bloodied, back when “Extreme Rules” really meant something.

I’m not sure why the WWE retains the name Extreme Rules, but they do; this year’s annual pay-per-view event is taking place in the Royal Farm Arena in Baltimore on Sunday, June 4th, and it actually looks to be a pretty solid card, highlighted by a No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 5-Way Match which has a stipulation of, you guessed it, Extreme Rules! The winner will be fed to Universal Champ Brock Lesnar next.

Throughout the night you can expect the use of some chairs, maybe a table of some sort, and many other PG-era props. One of those deadly weapons will be a Kendo Stick on a pole which will be featured in the women’s title match.

Even though the meaning of “Extreme Rules” is watered down these days, the product within the ring is what matters, and it could still be quality. All of Monday Night RAW’s big names will be in action and it should be a good night of wrasslin.

So you won’t get to see guys thrown on top of C4  in a barbed-wire ring, but, if you keep reading, you will get my hardcore analysis and bloody predictions for the featured matches of the evening.

WWE Extreme Rules and Predictions

Note that one or two minor matches may be added over the next week.

No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 5-Way Match (Extreme Rules)
Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe

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Well, this wasn’t the main event they wanted but due to the unfortunate injury to Braun Strowman, the WWE was forced to put together a #1 contender’s match to see who will face WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Looking at these five contenders you can already start thinking about who won’t win. I don’t see the WWE putting Bray Wyatt back into a title program so soon after losing at Wrestlemania, and there are others who are part of this match that have more momentum than he currently does.

Personally, I’d love to see Samoa Joe pick up the win and feud with the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar but it’s probably too soon to put Joe into the title picture. It will happen at some point, but just not right now.

Roman Reigns has an outside chance, but I think the WWE plans on having him feud with Lesnar later in the year and build that up to Wrestlemania 34. There is also some talk that Reigns could end up in a completely different feud this summer.

It would not surprise me at all to see Seth Rollins victorious here. “The King Slayer’s” current feud with Samoa Joe seems to be coming to an end and putting Rollins in the title picture could be the next logical step. Rollins vs. Lesnar is also an unfinished story that the WWE may want to return to.

Finn Balor is probably the odds-on favorite to win. Balor was a massive star at NXT and when the WWE brought him up to their main roster they immediately gave him the inaugural Universal Championship at Summer Slam in 2016.

However, due to an injury, “The Demon King” had to vacate the title and sit on the shelf for seven months. Now that he’s back, it appears the injury to Strowman has put his potential feud with Bray Wyatt on hold and we could see the Irish native get his shot at Lesnar at the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view.

Odds to win:

  • Finn Balor: 3/2
  • Seth Rollins: 2/1
  • Roman Reigns: 4/1
  • Samoa Joe: 19/1
  • Bray Wyatt: 100/1


Predicted winner: Finn Balor 

Intercontinental Championship (No Champion’s Advantage)
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz

YouTube video

Of all the titles that could change hands at this pay-per-view, my money is on the Intercontinental Championship being put back around the waist of The Miz. Without a doubt, The Miz is the best heel in the company and his last Intercontinental title run was really what put him back on the map.

It also seems the WWE has big plans for the IC title. According to Wrestling Inc., there is a plan that might be in place to have The Miz feud with Roman Reigns and so having the IC title as part of that seems logical.

Predicted winner (and odds): The Miz (2/3)

Women’s Championship (Kendo Stick on a Pole)

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley

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Although I didn’t think Alexa Bliss would get the RAW Women’s title this quick after the roster shakeup, I can see why the WWE likes her as champ. Bliss can wrestle, she’s great on the mic and she can do the heel persona to a T. They just put the title around her waist and I don’t see her losing it this quickly. Bliss retains the title here through nefarious means.

Predicted winner (and odds): Alexa Bliss (1/3)

Tag Team Championship: The Hardys (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Cage Match)

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At some point, the Hardys are going to lose their titles. At some point, they will finally get their “broken” gimmicks back. Cesaro and Sheamus have been on fire with their new looks and heel attitudes, that I can’t see the WWE not allowing this newly formed team to continue to lose.

Could this be the “at some point” moment I have been predicting? There needs to be a heel tag team with momentum and quite frankly the Hardys don’t really need the tag titles to be over with the fans.

There are still some hurdles the WWE needs to figure out before they can unleash Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero onto the WWE Universe. Negotiations between WWE and TNA are apparently stalled at this point. That said, with or without the Hardys character change, Extreme Rules should be the place where we see new tag team champs.

Predicted winner (and odds): Cesaro and Sheamus (9/11)

Cruiserweight Championship: Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

YouTube video

Is it time for Austin Aries to hold the belt? In what has been a very stellar feud with competitive matches, Neville has been getting the best of Aries so far and so this smells like it’s being set up for an Aries win. I expect this will be the 2nd title change of the evening.

Predicted winner (and odds): Austin Aries (2/3)

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