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2019 LOL World Championship Prop Bets: Odds for Shortest & Longest Game and Most Picked & Banned Champion

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Oct 10, 2019 · 7:36 AM PDT

Huni Clutch Gaming
Huni of Clutch Gaming stares down the camera during champ select at Worlds 2019. Photo By @Dignitas (Twitter).
  • The Main Event of Worlds 2019 gets underway on October 12th as the final sixteen teams continue their journey for the Summoner’s Cup
  • During the play-in stage, Isurus Gaming and Detonation Focus Me lasted for nearly 64 minutes
  • Pantheon had the most appearances of all champions during the 2019 play-in stage

Now that the Main Event of the League of Legends 2019 World Championship is just around the corner, it’s time for some prop bets.

The play-in stage has already given us a sense of what the meta will look like going forward, and should heavily influence your decisions when breaking down these bets.

Shortest Game Odds

Game Length Odds
Over 19:00 -115
Under 19:00 -118

*All odds taken 10/09/19

This bet seems like a pretty straight forward under bet. Winning a game in under 19 minutes is very impressive and quite the dominant showing, and yet we’ve seen some very short games in international events in the past. Even in the main event, there are some games that are very mismatched. For example in Group A, we’re going to see both Griffin and G2 go head-to-head with Hong Kong Attitude.

Both teams are aggressive and should have no issues taking it to HKA. For G2, they in particular have a history of closing out games quickly. Just look back to the MSI Finals against Team Liquid where they won the third and final game in just over 18 minutes.

Even if the teams are closely matched, the teams at Worlds should be able to snowball off of one early game mistake or one bad draft.

Pick: Under 19:00 (-118)

Longest Game Odds

Game Length Odds
Over 62:00 -116
Under 62:00 -116

During the play-in stage, we already witnessed a game exceed the 62 minute mark. Isurus Gaming and Detonation Focus Me went for 63:55 as they traded barons and dragons back and forth.

Although we’ve already seen a game go nearly 64 minutes, the play-in teams are a tier below the teams competing in the main event. As stated previously, once teams gain an advantage, they’re better equipped to close out a game.

Even in situations where teams enter a stalemate, one single teamfight at an objective can end the game. At Worlds 2018, the longest game at the main event was just short of 48 minutes. With the meta also being fairly explosive, take the under here.

Pick: Under 62:00 (-116)

Most Picked Champion Odds

Most Picked Champion (Main Event) Odds
Kai’sa +200
Xayah +200
Akali +300
Gragas +600
Sylas +600
Aatrox +600
Thresh +900
Jarvan IV +900
Renekton +1400
Sejuani +1700
Corki +2400
Gangplank +2400

Here’s where things get complicated. Figuring out which champion gets picked the most heavily relies on which champions get banned. In other words, it’s a balancing act on figuring out what champion is good enough to be picked almost every game, but not good enough to be banned out consistently.

Although the meta can change drastically from the Main Event and the Play-Ins, you should use what we’ve seen from Worlds thus far to influence your bet. For the play-ins, a duo of AD carries were the most picked at over 50%.

Xayah led the way just slightly over Kai’sa. They are considered to be the two most powerful ADC’s in the current meta and although we’ve seen some stranger picks enter the bot lane as of late, it’s still a safe bet to choose one of these two champions to be picked the most.

Pick: Xayah (+200)

Most Banned Champion Odds

Most Banned Champion (Main Event) Odds
Yuumi +200
Akali +300
Qiyana +300
Sylas +500
Olaf +500
Aatrox +700
Gragas +900
Elise +1400
Syndra +1600
Corki +1900
Irelia +2100
Vladimir +2400

The answer to ‘which champion will be banned the most’ should be pretty clear. Pantheon was banned in all but one game so far and yet, he is omitted from the listed odds. If the odds get updated, Pantheon is the clear pick after his rework made him an overpowered force.

Otherwise, Qiyana and Syndra were also heavily targeted. Qiyana specifically will continue to be heavily banned because of her flexibility and snowball potential.

Pick: Qiyana (+300)

Most Combined Picked and Banned Champion Odds

Most Combined Picked and Banned Champion (Main Event) Odds
Yuumi +200
Akali +300
Kai’sa +300
Xayah +400
Sylas +600
Aatrox +650
Qiyana +650
Gragas +1100
Syndra +1400
Gangplank +1400
Olaf +1700
Rakan +2400

The same applies here for the ‘Most Banned’ prop. The clear answer should be Pantheon as he was picked or banned in every game during play-ins.

Right behind him was Syndra who can now be played in both the mid and bot lane. Flex picks are incredibly important right now so champions like Syndra and Qiyana will be prioritized one way or the other. Syndra likely fits into more team compositions so I expect her to be the most popular champion at Worlds 2019.

Pick: Syndra (+1400)

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