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Counter-Strike:GO Blast Pro Series Lisbon Odds – Can Anyone Dethrone Astralis?

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Updated Mar 23, 2020 · 10:20 AM PDT

Astralis eSports
Astralis is the odds-on favorite to win CS:GO Blast Pro Series Lisbon. Photo from Astralis (Twitter)
  • CS:GO Blast Pro Series Lisbon gets underway Friday, December 14th
  • Astralis has been dominant lately; can anyone take them down?
  • See the odds for all contenders to win the tournament

The world’s #1 CS:GO team is fresh off of winning ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals, as well as capturing the first ever Intel Grand Slam, cashing in on an extra $1,000,000 in the process.

Astralis quite honestly look unbeatable at the moment, winning 9/11 finals they’ve competed in, as well as taking first place in three online leagues in 2018.

Heading into Blast Pro Series Lisbon, it’s expected that the Danish squad stays on top of the Counter-Strike world, but is there a possibility someone is able to knock them down a peg and take the title in Portugal?

CS:GO Blast Pro Series Lisbon Odds

Teams Odds to Win Outright
Astralis -110
Natus Vincere +450
Faze +550
Ninjas in Pyjamas +700
MiBR +1200
Cloud 9 +1600

*All odds taken 12/12/18

To be blunt, the answer is no. To beat the Danish titans, a team will need to play at a level that very few teams have been able to reach for even one map in the past few years.

Astralis has simply been on a level this year that no team has ever reached.

Expect Astralis, who is favored to win outright at -110, to continue their dominant ways and take home yet another championship, along with the $125,000 prize before the years end.

Astralis Event Victories

Events Won Prize (USD)
DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 $100,000
ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals $250,000
ECS Season 5 Finals $250,000
ELeague CS:GO Premier 2018 $500,000
FACEIT Major 2018 $500,000
BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul 2018 $125,000
Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Chicago $100,000
ECS Season 6 Finals $250,000
ESL Pro League Season 8 – Finals $250,000
Intel Grand Slam Season 1 $1,000,000

Odds to Reach Finals at Blast Pro Series Lisbon

Teams Odds to Reach Finals
Astralis -450
Natus Vincere +135
Faze +150
Ninjas in Pyjamas +200
MiBR +450
Cloud 9 +600

Since Astralis is more or less a shoo-in to make finals, let’s take a look at some of the other teams that could make a run deep into Saturday and challenge the Danes for the title in Lisbon.

Na’vi stands the best chance to make a push late into the weekend, with Faze and NiP rounding out the top 4.

S1mple has been the consensus number one player in the world in 2018

As the story has been for all of 2018 for Na’vi, it really all depends if both stars show up in full force to this event.

The dominant duo of s1mple and electronic, regarded as one of the most talented pairs in all of Counter-Strike, boast some of the scariest stats in the pro scene.

S1mple has been the consensus number one player in the world in 2018, and is on pace to have the best statistical year in the history of CS:GO.

Electronic, on the other hand, isn’t too far behind his Ukrainian partner, averaging a 1.21 rating over the past 3 months.

YouTube video

If s1mple and electronic are clicking, and running on full cylinders they can easily carry their team through the tournament and into the grand final of Blast Pro Series Lisbon.

The only other team I believe will make a run to the finals is the European mixed superteam, Faze.

Though Faze has struggled as of late, with their raw firepower it’s hard to ever count them out. With Bosnian superstar NiKo now calling the shots, it’s up to some of the other big names to step up and contribute on the fragging side of things.

YouTube video

If Olof, Rain and Guardian are able to keep their player rating around 1.00, and NiKo is up to his usual standard of play, you can expect Faze to breeze through group play, and make a run deep into Saturday.

With the odds being slightly better for Faze, my money would be on Faze/Astralis to reach the finals.

Odds on the Winner’s Region

Region of Winner Odds to Win Outright
Europe -1200
North America +650

2018 was the year that saw North America claim it’s first major, when Cloud 9 was able to defeat Faze in one of the most memorable grand finals of all time at the ELEAGUE Boston Major back in January.

But for the rest of the year, the region has been a bit underwhelming to say the least.

So heading into Blast Pro Series Lisbon, it would be a miracle for North America to pull one out here, especially since the best team from the region won’t be attending.

Putting money on North America here would be an absolute Hail Mary, as there is an extremely small chance that either MiBR or Cloud 9 are able to pull it out in Lisbon.

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