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CS:GO 2019 Europe Minor Katowice Odds: Will Anyone Stop mousesports?

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Dec 22, 2018 · 4:00 AM PST

ropz looks to lead mousesports through the EU Minor and into Katowice with momentum. Photo by @theScoreesports (Twitter)
  • Katowice EU Minor taking place January 16-20
  • Will mousesports come out on top?
  • Is their value in some of the less-favored teams?

The other region taking part in their Minor Qualifier from January 16-20 will be the EU Region, which has its fair share of powerhouse teams competing.

With mousesports, OpTic, and North all losing their Major Status at the FACEIT London Major, this Minor stands to be the most brutal of the bunch and is sure to be a bloodbath.

Odds to Win 2019 EU Minor

Teams Odds
mousesports +175
ENCE +400
North +450
OpTic +750
Vitality +800
Valiance +1000
ex-Space Soliders +1400
Windigo +2000

*Odds taken 12/21

Picking the winner of this Minor is going to be by far the hardest of any of the qualifiers. The EU scene has consistently been at the top of the Counter-Strike scene since in inception.

Usually it’s a very tough one to predict, but with both North and mousesports in the mix, this may be the most competitive EU Minor of all-time.

Can mousesports Return to Their Former Glory?

The European mix squad at times has looked like a top-5, maybe even top-3 team in the world during certain stretches, but have seemed to have lost all consistency after they dropped STYKO in favor of Snax.

Going out in the group stage of the previous Major in embarrassing fashion lead the German org to maybe look for more changes in the roster.

Bringing back their support player STYKO has proven to be a good move for mousesports, as they have looked better as of late.

Whether they can keep it moving in the right direction remains to be seen, but if they are able to take the EU Minor, it will be looking good for the EU mix squad heading into the New Challengers Stage of the Major.

Will the Finns Finish on Top?

ENCE lead by Finnish Veteran allu, look to make their first major with their young squad. Though they are a relatively new team, ENCE has been able to win two events this year and look like they end up with the top seed in the Minor.

Sergej is only 16, but is one of the most talented players in this Minor in terms of raw skill, and looks to fulfill the star role despite being the youngest player on his squad.

They stand a very good chance of winning this, and should be seriously looked at sitting at +400.

North Also a Threat

North is a team that seems to be very hit or miss.

They came out earlier in the year and managed to win a title taking down none other than their Danish counterpart (and top team in the world) Astralis – a feat that only two teams have managed all year, as Astralis won 9 of 11 finals they competed in.

Despite that victory before the London Major, North bombed out of groups, and lost their Major status. With that fresh in their mind I expect them to make a good run in this tournament and challenge for the #1 seed.

Pick: mousesports (+175)

Odds to Reach the Finals at EU Minor

Teams Odds
mousesports -300
ENCE +150
North +175
OpTic +325
Vitality +450
Valiance +450
ex-Space Soliders +650
Windigo +1000

Like I said before, EU is the best region in Counter-Strike and this Minor is quite honestly the one of the most stacked I’ve ever seen.

It is very hard to pick two teams out of the bunch who will make the finals, as 6 of the 7 teams stand a very good chance to make it there.It will be an absolute battle for any of these teams to make it into the Major.

You have to look at some of the less-favored teams like Vitality, who sit at +450 to reach the finals, led by French superstar Zywoo. Despite his age and experience, Zywoo is probably one of the best players in the world, and will challenge for the crown on HLTV top player within the next few years.

Another good value pick would be ex-Space Soldiers. The Turks have been a very solid team for a long time now and should not be taken lightly. They have attended majors in the past, placing reasonably well, and with the +650 odds to make the finals they are definitely worth taking a look at.

This will be an entertaining tournament for sure, and with their Major Status on the line, every team is going to be laying it all out on the server.
Pick: mousesports (-300) / North (+175)

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