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DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 – Group Stage Preview and Best Bets

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Apr 28, 2021 · 6:49 AM PDT

CSGO DreamHack Masters Spring odds - FaZe vs Virtus Pro
FaZe Clan begins their run at DreamHack Masters with a best-of-one against Virtus Pro in their opening round match.
  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 is a CSGO tournament beginning on April 29th
  • The tournament features sixteen teams, with only six advancing out of the group stage
  • Heroic and Gambit are amongst the heavy favorites to win their respective initial matches

From April 29th to May 9th, 16 teams will compete in DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 for a $250,000 USD prize pool. The tournament begins with a group stage that will whittle the field down to just six teams. Those six will then compete in a single-elimination playoff bracket. The initial match of the group stage is a best-of-one, which opens the door for more potential upsets. Gambit and Heroic are heavily favored to get off on the right foot, but outside of them, the odds don’t acknowledge too many strong favorites.

Here are the betting odds for the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 initial matches:

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Odds – Group Stage

Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
Gambit -7.5 -118 -1250
Fiend +7.5 -134 +550
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
Spirit -2.5 -124 -154
G2 Esports +2.5 -124 +110
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
FaZe +2.5 -134 +105
Virtus Pro -2.5 -118 -143
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
Natus Vincere -3.5 -118 -182
mousesports +3.5 -134 +130
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
Astralis -3.5 +100 -182
Extra Salt +3.5 -154 +130
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
Complexity -2.5 -118 -143
Vitality +2.5 -134 +105
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
FURIA -2.5 +105 -118
BIG +2.5 -167 -118
Teams Map 1 Handicap Moneyline
paIN +6.5 -124 +375
Heroic -6.5 -124 -667

Odds as of April 28th at Betway

FaZe vs Virtus Pro

Is DreamHack Masters Spring the tournament, in which we see FaZe Clan make a run back up the CSGO standings? It seems like a while since we’ve seen FaZe deep in a tournament. We essentially haven’t witnessed it since October 2020 when they won IEM New York Online: Europe.

FaZe looks much different than they did six months ago. They’ve moved ‘Kjaerbye’ and ‘olofmeister’ to the bench while bringing back longtime in-game leader ‘karrigan’, and signing ‘Twistzz’. These high-profile roster moves were made early in 2021, and we’ve yet to see them pay off. With that said, practice time has been minimal, and DreamHack might be the first tournament that this iteration of FaZe would have had ample time to prep for.

Will that be enough to overcome Virtus Pro in their first match? It’s hard to bet against the current fourth-ranked team in the World, but there’s no better time to do so than in a best-of-one.

The new FaZe roster hasn’t impressed just yet, but I expect them to have a solid game-plan and much better teamwork going into their opening match against VP.

Pick: FaZe (+105)

Complexity vs Vitality

At the beginning of the year, Vitality was ranked as the number 1 team in the world. Wow, has a lot changed since then. They are now 12th on HLTV’s rankings and haven’t finished in the top eight in their last four events. On top of that, Vitality will be without ‘RpK’ as he stepped down from the active roster following the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

Vitality will welcome in ‘Kyojin’ for DreamHack, and with ‘RpK’ just recently stepping down, it’ll be tough for Vitality to shine with this new starting five right away.

With that said, Vitality still has a lot of star power on the roster, including ‘ZywOo’, who can take over on any map. The best of one format really amplifies upsets, and although Complexity might be the better team at the moment, Vitality definitely has the capability of winning a single map.

Complexity and Vitality have played each other quite a bit over the past few months. We’ve seen the success of both teams waver over that span, but their head-to-head record should still provide some insight. Since October of 2020, Vitality is 5-1 in matches against Complexity. The only loss to Complexity in that time span is from their most recent meeting in February.

In the best of one format, I much prefer to bet on the underdogs and get some added value. Vitality seems like a great bet here based on their solid track record against Complexity and the ability for ‘ZywOo’ to take over maps.

Pick: Vitality (+105)

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