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CS:GO Join the Republic Challenge Odds: Team ceh9 Listed as Favorite

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Jan 4, 2019 · 2:21 PM PST

Team Friberg from 2018 Join the Republic Challenge
Last years Join the Republic Challenge winners Team Friberg hoisting their trophies. Photo by @ASUS_ROG (Twitter)
  • Third annual Join the Republic Challenge in Stockholm, Sweden starts January 4th
  • See the odds for all eight contenders
  • Is Team ceh9 the best bet?

The third annual Join the Republic Challenge will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden from January 4-7 and is sponsored by Republic of Gamers.

In possibly the most unique tournament in Counter-Strike, we will see eight teams battle it out to win bragging rights for their respective region.

Each team is made up of a captain who is either a caster, streamer, or former professional player. From there, they select their final four roster spots through an open tryout that was held in each of their regions during 2018.

There are some reputable former pros that are in charge of leading their team to the win, but it mostly relies on the unproven talent that each captain was able to acquire through the open tryout held in their region.

Many new players will be showcased in Stockholm, and its up to them to step it up on the biggest stage of their lives, and prove that they can hang with some of the best in Counter-Strike.

Odds to Win The Join The Republic Challenge

Teams Odds to Win The Join The Republic Challenge Outright
Team ceh9 +300
Team IzakOOO +350
Team pronax +450
Team Nooky +550
Team fl0m +1000
Team HenryG +1200
Team SpunJ +1600

*Odds taken 1/4

Can ceh9 Lead His Side to Victory?

Former Na’vi professional, and current Pro100 head coach, ceh9, looks to take his experience on the world stage and share his wisdom with his young teammates.

Having won countless events with Na’vi during his playing career, he is certainly fit to oversee his CIS team and make a deep run at the Join the Republic Challenge.

The roster ceh9 was able to put together is comprised of a few players that already play on some pretty reputable teams in the lower tiers of Counter-Strike.

This gives them a pretty big advantage over the competition, as they already have some experience playing in a lan environment.

One such player is 1mpala, who is the AWP for the CIS team 5balls.

Though he doesn’t have much experience playing at a high level of Counter-Strike, he should have more team experience than many of the other players in the tournament.

With the leadership of ceh9, and the members of his roster already having some experience playing organized CS:GO on a team, they look like they could be poised to take home the chip here at the Join the Republic Challenge.

Can Team IzakOOO Find Success Again?

Of the three Join the Republic Challenges that there has been, Team IzakOOO has managed to win in 2017 and come second in 2018.

The Polish side is always a threat to win at this tournament, as Poland has always managed to produce top tier talent in the Counter-Strike world.

I think they need to be seriously looked at here, as they have found success at the two prior events under the guidance of Polish streamer Izak.

Though a completely different roster, the region just boasts so much talent, and it’s hard to count them out.

Their consistency in this tournament just can’t be ignored. Different rosters both years, and they managed to place first and second, respectively.

The competition will be tight, but Team IzakOOO is my pick to come out on top in the Join the Republic Challenge.

Pick: Team IzakOOO (+350)

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