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EVO 2019 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Odds & Preview: MkLeo Favored

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Aug 3, 2019 · 9:53 AM PDT

MKLeo is the favorite at Smash Ultimate at EVO 2019. Photo from @ninsoup (Twitter).
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate Headlines EVO with the Top 8 happening on August 4th
  • MkLeo deservedly opens as the favorite to win
  • Tweek and his new found Pokemon Trainer could pose a threat to MkLeo

After much deliberation, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be the main event at EVO on August 4th. The tournament had nearly 3500 registrants which smashed EVO records.

MkLeo has dominated the early days of Smash Ultimate, and has looked even stronger since he switched over to Joker.

Odds of Winning Smash Ultimate at EVO 2019

Winner Odds
MkLeo +175
Tweek +350
Shuton +600
Marss +800
Dabuz +1000
Glutonny +1100
ESAM +1700
MuteAce +1700
Nairo +1700
Light +1700
Zackray +2500
Leffen +3300
Cosmos +3300
Salem +4000
Void +5000

*Odds taken 08/02/19.

Not a Joking Matter

At the end of Smash 4’s life span, MkLeo was considered the best player in the world. He carried that momentum into Smash Ultimate, and hasn’t missed a beat in the transition. MkLeo dominated the early days of Ultimate but stumbled a little bit in April and May while experimenting with characters. That’s when Joker got released, and unfortunately for everyone else, MkLeo found his way back to the top.

Approaching EVO, MkLeo won MomoCon, Smash ‘N’ Splash and CEO, with his only hiccup occurring at Smash Factor 8. Even though he’s been dominating Smash for a long-time, his success is still impressive simply because there are so many different match-ups to prepare for. The game currently has 72 playable characters, and yet MkLeo seems ready for all of them.

Tweek’s Timely Character Swap

Early on, Tweek was another player dominating Smash Ultimate. However, he entered a bit of a lull that culminated in a shocking 33rd place finish at Smash ‘N’ Splash. After taking some time to regroup, Tweek entered Low Tier City 7 and did so with a character we had not seen from him. His brand new Pokemon Trainer spurred him to a first place finish in a very close grand final set against Dabuz.

He hasn’t been playing this character for very long but he’s already good enough to win tournaments with it. The Pokemon Trainer still might be too fresh to contend with MkLeo and his polished Joker. The question is, how much has Tweek been able to improve his new character in the past couple of weeks? Tweek has great chances of making grand finals, but just like for everyone else, MkLeo is the man to beat.

Top 6 Contenders

Outside of Tweek and MkLeo, Marss is the guy to watch. In fact, Marss just recently double eliminated MkLeo at Smash Factor 8.

He’s a very aggressive and dynamic player that will take risks and he always seems to be hovering around the top 3. Through the entire lifespan of Smash Ultimate, he’s been perfecting his Zero Suit Samus while others have switched off to other characters. If he can avoid one of his tougher matchups in Dabuz, he might be able to take another set off of MkLeo.

Any Shots in the Dark?

Smash Ultimate is a game that’s very stacked at the top. Upsets do occur, but in fighting games it takes two losses to be eliminated. I don’t see guys like Tweek or MkLeo getting upset twice at EVO. They’ve been far too dominant in the early stages of Smash Ultimate.

Note: Leffen is not attending EVO because of a passport issue.

The Pick: MkLeo (+175)

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