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Fnatic Favored Over Splyce in Final Round of LEC Gauntlet Regional Finals

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Sep 14, 2019 · 5:37 PM PDT

Fnatic vs G2 Standoff
Fnatic and G2 are in a tier above as they head into their match against Splyce. Photo By @Fnatic (Twitter).
  • Splyce advanced to Worlds 2019 with a dominant 3-0 win over FC Schalke 04
  • Fnatic will take on Splyce in a final best of five to determine who will be the LEC’s second seed at Worlds
  • Splyce are still massive underdogs despite their convincing win in Round 2

G2, Fnatic and Splyce are now the three teams going to Worlds as the LEC’s representatives. G2 is locked in as the number one seed but Fnatic and Splyce will face off in a best-of-five to try and lock up the second seed. The loser will be the third seed and will have to compete in the Worlds Play-in stage.

Betting Odds for Round 3 of the LEC Regional Finals

Team Odds to Win
Fnatic -602
Splyce +350

Odds taken 09/14/19.

A Different Side of Splyce

In round one of the Regional Finals, Splyce barely survived against an underhanded Origen team. Splyce was unable to get anything going in the early game and constantly fell back on scaling team compositions. If Origen had been more aggressive and successful early on, then Splyce may not have even made it to round 2.

Instead, Splyce entered round 2 with a lot of questions. However, Splyce continues to do the opposite of what everyone expects of them. They were expected to beat Rogue in the LEC finals but didn’t. Now they looked to be in trouble entering their match against Schalke but instead they had absolutely no issues advancing to round 3.

In just one day, Splyce completely changed their playstyle and a lot of players stepped up. Their jungler Xerxe was practically a ghost in the series against Origen but against Schalke, he was very active and was a catalyst for a lot of Splyce’s early leads. It was an impressive turnaround considering their performance just a day before. Splyce looked like they did in the regular season and now they ride a lot of momentum and confidence into their match against Fnatic.

Fnatic Heavily Favored

Despite Splyce’s dominant showing, Fnatic has shown all season long that they’re on a seperate tier alongside G2 esports. Fnatic and Splyce split their season series one game a piece but Fnatic has seemingly improved as the season went on. Twice in the LEC playoffs, they were able to take G2 all the way to game 5.

We’ve seen them become a very proactive team that has mastered the ability to use global ultimates and map movement to get early leads. Fnatic has proven on multiple occasions that they can compete at the highest level in Europe, something that we haven’t seen from Splyce.

Fnatic deserve to be the heavy favorites in this one. Sure, Xerxe had a much better showing in round 2 but Fnatic’s Broxah has constantly been an early game threat who controls the pace of games. I expect him to make Xerxe much less effective and allow Fnatic to win this series in three or four games.

Pick: Fnatic (-602)

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