The International 2018 Player Props – Miracle Set to Dominate

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Jul 28, 2018 · 5:15 PM PDT

Will Miracle prove to be the strongest player at the International 2018?
  • The International 2018, the annual Data 2 championship tournament, gets underway August 20
  • Get the odds for the top contenders in player props, such as most kills, highest GPM, etc.
  • Will Miracle dominate in the eighth iteration of the tournament?

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit concludes this year with The International 2018.

It’s the eighth annual edition of Dota’s biggest tournament and it’s being held on Canadian soil for the first time ever. Hosted at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, all 19,000 seats are expected to be packed for the largest prize pool in eSports. Already north of $22-million-dollars, there will be some incredible matches and ample opportunities to place bets.

Online betting sites have recently released a plethora of odds, and we’ll focus on specific players taking part in the tournament, and the prop bets associated with them in this preview.

While Dota 2 is a team game, there are often players on weaker teams that shine with their performances.

The nice part about betting on specific players in DOTA is that the odds are usually strong to begin with because the competition is so balanced

We start with the big one: KILLS.

The nice part about betting on specific players in DOTA is that the odds are usually strong to begin with because the competition is so balanced. Here are the top 10 players to bet on and their odds for most kills in a game.

(Follow the link in the table to see all the odds.)

Odds to have the most kills in a game

Player Odds
Miracle(TL) +1000
RAMZES666(VP) +1000
Iceberg (WIN) +1000
Armel (TNC) +1200
ana (OG) +1200
Somnus (LGD) +1400
No[o]ne (VP) +1600
Paparazi (VG) +1600
Resolut1on (VGS) +1600
Sccc(NB) +1800

Song “Sccc” Chun is already a popular figure in the West. He’s beloved in North America and will have legions of fans out to support him in Vancouver. His odds are the longest of the ten listed above, but there’s no reason he can’t finish with the most kills in just a single game.

Next up, GPM in a single game. We all know how important Gold Per Minute is for support heroes and buying those dangerous items, so who’s going to walk away with the highest GPM in a single game?

Odds to have the highest GPM in a game

Player Odds
Miracle(TL) +1400
No[o]ne (VP) +1400
Paparazi (VG) +1400
Mushi (MIN) +1400
Resolut1on (VGS) +1400
ana (OG) +1400
ame (LGD) +1600
Sccc(NB) +1600
Suma1L (EG) +1600
Somnus (LGD) +1800

GPM is one of the hardest props to predict. The good news is the odds are great even for the perceived “favorite”. Miracle (TL) has been on a tear lately, winning eight of his last ten matches and doing a lot of work from the support role. Take the safe bet on this one as the odds hardly change within the top 10.

Next up: ASSISTS in a single game. It’s not the sexiest stat in the world, but it’s the one that makes the difference between winning or losing on the grand stage, especially in a tournament this big. There’s only six real threats to take this title home, and it’s going to be tough to choose a winner. Just take a look:

Odds to have the most assists in a game

Player Odds
GH (TL) +1400
RodjER (VP) +1400
Fly (LGD) +1400
Yapz0r (SEC) +1400
LaNm (VG) +1400
Tims (TNC) +1400

Fly is a Canadian/Israeli player – and he’ll be more or less rocking a home field advantage. His smooth style of support play lends itself perfectly to eventually having one massive game. If you’re still not convinced Fly can get it done – take a look at this …

LAST HITTING is a somewhat underrated stat. Not only do you get bragging rights in the competition, but it’s also a massive influx of gold to your team. The odds between Highest LAST HIT average and most LAST HITS  in a game are identical, so they’re being grouped into one table for convenience:

Odds to have the most last hits/best last hit average in a game

Player Odds
RAMZES666 (VP) +1000
Resolut1ion (VGS) +1000
Paparazi (VG) +1400
Miracle (TL) +1400
Abed (FNC) +1400
Agressif (IG) +1400
Ame (LGD) +1600
hFn (PNG) +1600
Sccc(NB) +1600
Xxs(IG) +1600

This is the perfect prop to double up on. Whoever finishes with the most LAST HITS in a single game will only boost their chances of having the highest average. It’s time to double down on Miracle (TL) again and watch him carry you to the bank.

Time to move on to (arguably) the most fun bet of the entire tournament. We know how good these pros are, especially when they select the heroes they’re the most comfortable with on the maps they know the best.

With that being said, different situations call for different heroes and there’s no better way to showcase your skill as an individual than to wreak havoc with a laundry list of heroes to call your own. Here are the odds for the player to use the most heroes:

Odds to play with the most different heroes

Player Odds
Miracle (TL) +1000
LaNm (VG) +1200
Ame (LGD) +1400
Somnus (LGD) +1400
RAMZES666 (VP) +1400
Fly (LGD) +1600
Solo (VP) +1600
KuroKy (TL) +1600
Ori (VG) +1600

We haven’t heard a lot from KuroKy in many of the other bets listed, but the 25-year-old German is instrumental to Team Liquid’s success and mainly because of his ability to play so many different roles. At +1600, he has some of the best odds within the top ten. Grab him while the odds are still this good.

Advice on Other International 2018 Player Props

Rounding out some of the individual picks for this year’s season-ending tournament:

  • Player with LOWEST DEATH AVERAGE: Raven (TNC)

Simply put, he doesn’t die. With the record of 33 kills and only 3 deaths in a single game – his odds of 8/1 still pay well for a relatively safe bet.

  • Player the HIGHEST GPM AVERAGE: Miracle (TL)

Picking Miracle was easy for most GPM in a game, and I expect that trend to continue throughout the tournament. Grab him now at +1000.

  • Player with the HIGHEST KILL AVERAGE: Miracle (TL)

Wanted to go with someone else here…but the fact remains that Miracle (TL) is just too strong. Add in his odds of +850 and he’s just too strong to pass on.

Good luck and happy betting!

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