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League of Legends CBLOL Summer 2019 Odds and Picks

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Jan 7, 2019 · 11:44 AM PST

KaBuM! eSports looks to stay on top of the Brazilian League scene with their third straight Split win. Photo by @lolesportsbr (Twitter)
  • The CBLOL Summer Split is just around the corner and we have the latest odds available
  • Can KaBuM! eSports prevail again?
  • Does Flamengo eSports have what it takes to pull off an upset?

After a long League of Legends offseason, it’s just about time to get back to it starting with the CBLOL Summer Split. Last split saw KaBuM! eSports take the edge over Flamengo eSports narrowly in a 5-game final, winning 3-2.

They look to continue their momentum and win a third straight split, and cement themselves at the top team in the Brazilian scene. They head into the 2019 Summer Split the favorite once again, as they hold a slight advantage over last splits runner-up, Flamengo eSports.

Odds to Win CBLOL Summer Split

Teams Odds to Win CBLOL Summer Split Outright
KaBuM! eSports +275
Flamengo eSports +325
INTZ E-sports +500
Vivo Keyd +500
ProGaming +600
Redemption POA +900
Uppercut Esports +1400
CNB eSports +2000

Can KaBuM Hit the Three-Peat?

After a stellar 2018 season where they only dropped 3 series in both the Winter and Summer splits, the boys at KaBuM look to once again book their ticket to MSI by taking the top spot in the CB. Lead by their bottom lane comprised of Titan & Riyev, KaBuM! eSports sits on the League of Legends throne in Brazil, which is a dangerous spot to be in.

With every other team looking to take their spot, the pressure will certainly be on in 2019, and they aren’t unbeatable by any means. Though they did sweep the both splits in 2018, on their way to two international tournaments, they did lose a few series domestically.

Flamengo eSports almost spoiled their trip to worlds in the Winter Final, and will come out with fire in their hearts knowing they were that close to knocking off the Brazilian kings KaBuM. So if KaBuM become complacent, it may spell disaster.

Moving Up the Ladder?

Flamengo eSports came into the CBLOL scene after being promoted for the Winter Split in 2018. The squad is comprised of three Brazilians and two Koreans, in Support player Luci, and Jungler, Shrimp.

They were able to make an immediate impact in the Winter Split as they tied for the top seed alongside none other than, KaBuM! eSports, with a 5-2 record. They were able to achieve that success in their first ever split in the CB which is impressive in itself, but to almost win in the finals against a team like KaBuM proves they are a serious threat.

The way I see it, is there is a two-team race to see who will reign supreme over Brazil, its either the OG’s, KaBuM, or the young bloods, Flamengo.

It just depends on whether Flamengo can build upon what they were able to achieve in their only CBLOL split. I think if they are able to take the positives from their last season, regardless of them losing in the end, they will come out hot in the split and prove to be a problem for the rest of the teams in the region.

On the flipside, if KaBuM gets complacent and doesn’t continue to improve, we may just see another team representing Brazil on the global stage.

Pick: Flamengo eSports (+325)

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