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League of Legends LCK Spring Preview Odds & Preview: Gen.G, DragonX and T1 Are Top Favorites

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Updated Mar 30, 2021 · 1:10 PM PDT

LCK Summer Playoff Finals Odds - DWG KIA vs T1
Can DWG KIA continue their dominance in the LCK and take down T1 in the playoff final?
  • The 2020 LCK Spring Split begins on February 5th with T1 vs. DAMWON as the opening match
  • The off-season saw a ton of changes to some of the top rosters in the LCK
  • The Afreeca Freecs won the most recent KeSPA Cup but are only the sixth favorite to win the LCK

One month after the KeSpa Cup, the 2020 LCK Spring Split gets underway on February 5th. No region saw as much roster shakeup as the LCK which makes it difficult to predict which new roster will mesh the quickest to win the Spring title.

LCK Spring Split 2020 Odds

Team Odds to Reach Final Odds to Win
Gen. G -175 +225
DragonX +120 +325
T1 +125 +375
DAMWON +250 +600
SANDBOX +300 +750
Afreeca Freecs +500 +1200
Hanwha Life +1100 +2800
Griffin +1800 +4000
KT Rolster +1800 +4000
APK Prince +8000 +20000

Odds taken Jan. 20

Building Around Ruler

2019 was a disappointing year for Gen. G. In summer, they finished sixth and didn’t even qualify for the regional finals. In 2020, Gen. G has their eyes on first after making a couple of huge additions to their roster. In September, Gen. G signed Ruler to a contract extension and their plan seems to be to build around their prized AD Carry.

To help out Ruler, the team signed BDD in the mid lane, and made a huge splash by signing Clid in the jungle. Clid was a massive part of SKT’s success last year as they made a deep run at Worlds 2019. This roster looks very strong on paper and several analysts have them finishing first.

YouTube video

At the KeSPA Cup, Gen. G were eliminated 2-1 by SKT, but don’t read too much into that result. Gen. G will definitely be in the running for the LCK Spring Split trophy.

The New Look T1

T1 still has Faker as their rock in the mid lane, and a powerful bot lane duo of Teddy and Effort. The issue is that they lost two key players in Clid and Khan. At Worlds 2019, rather than Faker being SKT’s star player, Clid was the one making big plays when it mattered most. In the top lane, Khan was always a threat to solo kill his opponent and could take pressure away from Faker in the mid lane. T1 has a new rookie top laner named Canna who will need to quickly mesh with the team for T1 to compete in spring.

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At the KeSPA cup he had some mixed results and also split time in the top lane with Roach. Having two top laners will at least give T1 options if the rookie doesn’t pan out. T1 will still be in the conversation but the roster turnover makes me believe that a first place finish is a little optimistic.

The New Look DragonX

Another team that has drawn a lot of positive attention is DragonX. This team has a combination of young mechanical prowess, with veteran leadership. Deft has been one of the sturdiest AD Carry’s in the league over the past few years and now Chovy joins him after an excellent stint with Griffin. If Chovy can improve on his ability to translate his mid lane leads to the rest of the map, DragonX could quickly become one of the best teams in the LCK.

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The real player to watch will be their rookie jungler Pyosik. He was hand-picked by DragonX’s new coach cvMax, and a young aggressive jungler could make this team hard to predict in-game. It’s also important to note that cvMax helped take Griffin to Worlds last year.

The KeSPA Cup Winners

KeSPA Cup results shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a very short tournament that happened a couple weeks after these new rosters were formed. None of the teams had adequate preparation on a new patch to fully get ready for it. With that said, the standouts of the tournament were the winners, Afreeca Freecs.

YouTube video

The team already has one of the best top laners in the World in Kiin, and now they’ve added Mystic after he spent some time in the LPL. The Freecs didn’t have the splashiest of off-seasons,  but sometimes chemistry is more important than big-name signings.


To Win: Gen. G (+225)

To Reach Finals: Gen. G (-175), DragonX (+120)

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