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League of Legends TCL Winter 2019 Opening Odds and Picks

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Updated Apr 2, 2020 · 12:30 PM PDT

With the addition of Wolf, SuperMassive eSports hope to take yet another TCL title. Photo by @DotEsports (Twitter)
  • TCL Winter begins January 19th
  • Will SuperMassive take a third domestic title in a row?
  • Are there any teams that provide upset potential?

The Turkish League of Legends season kicks off the year with TCL Winter, which starts January 19th in Istanbul. The first split of the year will showcase 10 different teams, expanding from the eight that were fielded in years past.

The overwhelming favorites heading into TCL Winter are SuperMassive eSports. They come into the split fresh off a successful 2018 season that saw the squad take the titles in both splits of the TCL.

TCL Winter 2019 Odds

Teams Odds to Win TCL Winter 2019 Outright
SuperMassive eSports -165
Royal Youth +700
Besiktas e-Sports Club +800
1907 Fenerbahce e-Sports +1200
Galakticos +1200
Galatasaray eSports +1600
Dark Passage +1800
Bursaspor Esports +2500
Team AURORA +2500
HWA Gaming +3000

Another Clean Sweep for SuperMassive in 2019?

After winning both splits in 2018 pretty convincingly, SuperMassive hope to keep the momentum rolling into TCL Winter. They swapped out both Mid and Support roles this offseason, adding Fenerbahce Mid-laner, Frozen, and bringing in former SKT Support, Wolf.

With these additions to the roster, SuperMassive should have a much higher ceiling as a team, both domestically and internationally. The added firepower should prove to be enough to come out with their third consecutive split win in the TCL.

Wolf, having won countless titles in both the LCK and Internationally, brings a different level of experience and leadership to the team. He’s a two-time World Champion and played for the most dominant team in League of Legends history, SKT T1.

Along with the three returning players, SuperMassive eSports is definitely the team to beat in TCL Winter. The individual skill on the roster is more than any other team competing in the split, it will just depend on whether they are able to gel as a squad. This shouldn’t be a problem, as you’re adding world class players to an already accomplished roster.

Is their Value in any Other Team?

There are a few teams competing in TCL Winter that I believe can play on par with SuperMassive this split, it will really just depend on whether they can come together by playoff time. The first team would be Besiktas e-Sports Club.

Besiktas come into the split fielding an entirely new roster, with imports, Gilius, and Nagne in their Jungle and Mid-lane. The two, paired with HolyPhoenix, have the veteran presence that can lead their teams to victory.

Having all been competing in the pro scene for more than four years, the trio should be able to stay composed in the big games and come out on top in some key matches throughout the split. Besiktas would be a good value pick for TCL Winter, but it is a pretty outside chance that they actually take it.

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The other team that I could see making a run is Royal Youth. Also a great veteran presence on this roster in GBM, Pilot, and Elwind. Between the three players, they have seen action in Korea, EU, NA, and now the TCL.

If the core of Royal Youth is able to keep composed in the big games and help lead their newer players, they can pose a pretty serious threat to SuperMassive. Though it’s the same situation with Royal Youth as it is with Besiktas.

If the core of Royal Youth is able to keep composed in the big games and help lead their newer players, they can pose a pretty serious threat to SuperMassive.

If they are able to do it in the regular season, great, but it’s in the playoffs where it counts. They need to be able to keep level heads when it’s time to square up with the likes of SuperMassive in a loser goes home game.

Both Besiktas and Royal Youth provide some upset potential, but I think it’s a pretty big long shot either actually wins. Look for SuperMassive eSports to come out on top of TCL Winter with their third consecutive TCL Title.

Pick: SuperMassive eSports (-165)

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