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Odds Say Fortnite Season 11 Will Launch October 15

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Oct 14, 2019 · 6:49 PM PDT

Players await the launch of Fortnite Season 11 after Season X ends in a black hole. Photo By @Deepznw (Twitter)
  • On October 13th, Season 10 of Fortnite came to an end as the world disappeared into a black hole
  • Ever since the event took place, the game has not yet re-launched as players await the beginning of Season 11
  • The favored day for the new season to launch is currently October 15th

Fortnite is known for having in-game events that players can watch as the normal battle royale gameplay goes on behind them. On Sunday, October 13th, an event called “The End” took place as the Fortnite map and everything around it got sucked into a black hole.

This marked the end of Season X and since then, the game has not returned. Fortnite has been live streaming the black hole on Twitch ever since the in-game event occurred. Now, millions of Fortnite fanatics standby as they wait for the blackout to come to an end, and for Season 11 to begin.

Odds What Day Fortnite Season 11 Launches

Day Odds
October 15 +150
October 17 +200
October 16 +400
October 18 +600
October 19 +700
October 21st or Later +700
October 20 +800

*All odds taken 10/14/19

A leaked trailer for the new Fortnite Battle Pass brought a lot of new information regarding Season 11. Not only will it be a new season, but it will be a brand new chapter that will launch an entirely new map and apparently a visual update.

This blackout has allowed for Fortnite to make the switch and of course, Epic Games will want to get their insanely popular game back up and running as soon as possible.

Some Fortnite leakers, such as Lucas7yoshi, have predicted based on Fortnite code that Season 11 will begin on October 15th. The Chinese Fortnite website has also teased October 15th as the end of, well… “The End”. Most importantly, popular Fortnite streamer Ninja gave a hint on Twitter. He tweeted out a pitch black video where all he said is “tacos”. Is this a reference to Taco Tuesday?

Of course, there are also conflicting theories. The most likely combatant is that of October 17th. New Seasons of Fortnite have normally dropped on Thursdays. On top of that, other leaks and dataminers support the idea that the game could return on Thursday. Lucas7yoshi later reported that the end time was pushed back to the 17th.

Realistically, it’s impossible to figure out what’s legitimate evidence, and what’s conjecture. Based on common sense, October 15th seems like the most reasonable launch date for Season 11. The longer the Fortnite servers stay down, the more money that Epic Games loses. Based on cash alone, I don’t see this blackout lasting much longer.

Pick: October 15th (+150)

Odds What Time Fortnite Season 11 Launches

Day Odds
06:00-06:59 EST +500
07:00-07:59 EST +500
08:00-08:59 EST +500
09:00-09:59 EST +500
15:00-15:59 EST +500
16:00-16:59 EST +500
17:00-17:59 EST +500
18:00-18:59 EST +500

The time of the launch is even more difficult to iron down. The oddmakers clearly don’t have too many leads either as eight-time ranges are all tied at +500. The code that Lucas7Yoshi came across initially said that it would launch at 6:00 am EST on the 15th. Traditionally, Fortnite seasons normally come to an at 4:00 am EST as their servers are taken down. The game then comes back up shortly after.

Of course, this isn’t a traditional event for Fortnite. This is the end of an entire chapter. Since the servers are already down, it really is difficult to predict when the game will come back online, but I’m sure it’ll happen with a bang. The beginning of Season 11 will likely begin with an event happening on their continuing live stream. The best bet is probably 6:00 am EST. There just isn’t much evidence suggesting what time to expect Season 11 to begin.

Pick: 06:00-06:59 (+500)

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