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PUBG Nations Cup 2019 Odds & Preview: South Korea Listed as Favorites

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Aug 4, 2019 · 11:44 AM PDT

The World’s Top PUBG Talent heads to Seoul, South Korea to battle for glory in PUBG's Nations Cup August 9 - 11. Photo from @PUBG (Twitter).
  • The PUBG Nations Cup takes place at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea on August 9-11
  • The South Korean team are listed as favorites to win the very first Nations Cup
  • Thanks to team familiarity, Germany and Finland will be South Korea’s toughest challengers

The first ever PUBG Nations Cup gets underway from Seoul, South Korea on August 9-11.  The players taking part were selected by other players in their respective regions to compete and represent their country. The hometown South Korean team are the early favorites to win the $100,000 grand prize.

Odds of Winning the PUBG Nations Cup 2019

Winner Odds
South Korea +250
Germany +275
Finland +350
China +1200
Russia +1300
USA +1400
Australia +1500
Brazil +2000
UK +2000
Canada +2500

*Odds taken 08/04/19

The Hometown Favorites

It’s incredibly hard to predict which team should be the favorite since none of these squads have played together previously. They’re essentially all-stars teams made up of the best players in each region. Whichever team can find chemistry the quickest should be the team that wins the Nations Cup.

South Korea is very narrowly favored to win and the core of their team comes from Gen. G. This team has dominated the PUBG Korea League and are coming off a first place finish in Phase 2.

Pio, the MVP of Phase 2 and Loki should be the stars of this team. The coach, WatchinU is also from Gen. G and that chemistry should fuel this team to a high placing.

The European Challengers

Finland and Germany are right behind South Korea in the odds. Finland’s team is headlined by brothers Sambty and Jembty who both play for Team Liquid in the PUBG Europe League. Team Liquid has constantly finished in the top 4 thanks to the talents of the Finnish twins. These results include a third place finish in PEL Phase 2 and a top 4 placing at the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic. If that’s not enough, TL absolutely dominated the PEL kick-off cup by beating the second place team by 70 points.

If the tournament wasn’t taking place in South Korea,  Finland would likely be the favorites.

For the Germans, their team consists of 3/4th of G2 Esports. G2 finished one spot behind Team Liquid at both PEL Phase 2 and the GLL Grand Slam.

The Nations Cup will be similar to playing with a substitute for Germany. If UdyrMayFire can fill his role with the core of G2, they could definitely overcome South Korea and Finland.

Don’t Forget About Down Under

One potential dark horse team is that of Australia. The all-Aussie team of Athletico finished second at the GLL Grand Slam and half of that roster will be playing in the Nations Cup.

The other two Australian teams at that tournament finished near the bottom, but taking the best players off of those teams and adding them to the core of Athletico could be a recipe for success.

Again, it’s difficult to predict which teams will mesh together quickly. I’d bet on Finland simply because of the built in chemistry of the Team Liquid twins.

Pick: Finland (+350) 

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