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Splyce -300 Favorite Over Origen in Round 1 of LEC 2019 Regional Finals

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Sep 10, 2019 · 11:53 AM PDT

Origen's Nukeduck
Nukeduck preparing for a match in the LEC. Photo By @OrigenGG (Twitter)
  • The first round of the LEC Regional Finals takes place on September 13th between Splyce and Origen
  • The winner will advance to take on FC Schalke 04 in Round 2
  • The Regional Finals will determine the second and third seed that will represent the LEC at Worlds 2019

The LEC Regional Finals begins on September 13th and will determine the seeding for the final two European teams that will attend Worlds 2019. The opening round of the gauntlet features Splyce and Origen who have both disappointed in their own rights throughout the summer season.

Splyce vs Origen LEC Regional Finals Odds

Team Odds to Win
Splyce -300
Origen +225

*Odds taken 09/10/19

Splyce’s Playoff Letdown

Splyce entered the LEC playoffs as the third seed and hopes were high that they’d be able to challenge the top teams of G2 and Fnatic. Instead, Splyce absolutely floundered in their first-round matchup as they got 3-0’d by Rogue.

They’ve now lost five straight games after they also lost the final two games of the regular season. Even still, Splyce enter their match against Origen as -300 favorites to win. At times this season, Splyce has looked like the no doubt third-best team in Europe. With Kobbe as a consistent late-game force, and Humanoid showing a lot of improvement in summer, Splyce have the ability to make quick work of Origen.

They also have a history of coming up short when the pressure is on. Splyce deserve to be the favorites, but at this point it’s no guarantee that they overcome Origen. The good news for them is that they won the season series against Origen 2-0.

Both games were relatively close until one crucial teamfight changed the tides of the match. In their week eight meeting, it was an overaggressive tower dive by Origen that ended up being their downfall.

Which Origen Will Show Up?

For Origen, the entire Summer season has been a disaster, but in spring, Origen finished with a regular season record of 12-6 and made it all the way to the finals. With no roster changes, Origen somehow descended all the way to eighth in Europe. Even still, several teams have said that Origen has performed really well in scrims and are a better team than they’ve exhibited. Testimonies aside, it’s hard to ignore their struggles down the stretch as they lost seven of their last nine games.

This team is a bit of an enigma. The roster is too talented to be the eighth-best team in Europe but regardless, they’ve clearly struggled on the past few patches.

Origen has now had a few weeks to try and get back on track for the Regional Finals. Splyce and Origen both have shown the ability to be a top European team but they’ve had mixed results in translating their ability into competitive matches in summer. Origen definitely has value as the underdog because let’s face it, if Splyce can get 3-0’d by Rogue then Origen could shock them as well.

I think that their playoff disappointment will be a wake-up call for Splyce. And while I don’t believe it’s a lock, I believe Splyce won’t overlook Origen and they’ll come prepared for the Regional Finals.

Pick: Splyce (-300) 

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