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StarLadder Berlin Major 2019: New Legends Stage Opening Odds & Preview

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Aug 4, 2019 · 11:57 AM PDT

Team Liquid
Team Liquid is the favorite for the StarLadder Berlin Major Legends Stage. Photo from @XinyuCh44452759 (Twitter).
  • Following the New Challengers Stage, the StarLadder Berlin Major Legends Stage gets underway on August 28th
  • Dominant World #1 in Team Liquid are unsurprising favorites to win it all
  • Despite still having to qualify, Team Vitality could challenge Team Liquid for first

The StarLadder Berlin Major Legends Stage begins on August 28th with the tournament coming to a close on September 8th.

Eight teams have already qualified for the Legends Stage via IEM Katowice earlier in the year. However, sixteen teams are still fighting for eight remaining spots in the Legends Stage. Check out the odds of those teams qualifying for the Legends Stage.

Odds of Winning the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Winner Odds
Liquid +165
Astralis +300
Natus Vincere +600
ENCE +800
Faze +1200
Furia +1600
G2 +1600
NRG Esports +2000
Ninjas In Pyjamas +2000
North +2000
mousesports +2000
CR4ZY +2500
MIBR +2500
Renegades +5000
Complexity +10000
HellRaisers +30000
INTZ esports +30000
Tyloo +50000
forze +50000
DreamEaters +200000
Syman Gaming +200000

* Odds taken 08/04/19

The Picture of Perfect CounterStrike

Team Liquid is currently perfect. They had their time of finishing in second but as of late they can’t be stopped. They’ve run off five straight tournament victories and completed the IEM Grand Slam by winning four straight events run by ESL or DreamHack.

They’ve shown no signs of slowing down either. Team Liquid has five players who can each take turns carrying the game and even if someone is having an off day, someone will pick up the slack. The combo of Stewie2K, Nitro, Twistzz, NAF, and EliGE should not be bet against right now. It’s that simple.

A Simple Case

Natus Vincere is always a team to watch simply because of their star player S1mple. He’s currently the best CS:GO player in the world and puts up multiple highlight plays per map. The problem with Na’Vi is that the team is wildly inconsistent after S1mple. Their story for the longest time has been a lack of secondary fragging. At times, Electronic and Flamie have been able to accomplish that, and they’ve had a lot of success when it happens.

They’ve also added Boombl4 in place of Edward to try and help out S1mple. Regardless, it’s not enough to compete against Team Liquid. At ESL One: Cologne in early July, TL knocked out Na’Vi in a relatively close 2-0.

The Challenger Stage Teams

Out of all the teams competing at the Berlin Major, Team Vitality is the most intriguing. According to HLTV, they’re currently the second best team in the world, and it’s hard to argue after their recent ascension. At ESL One: Cologne they got huge wins over ENCE, NRG and Astralis before losing to Liquid in the Finals.

With Zywoo exhibiting star player potential, Vitality has quickly risen to the top of CS:GO. All they’re lacking is that big tournament win over the likes of Liquid. Team Vitality have odds of -10000 to make it to the Legends Stage and their odds of winning the whole tournament aren’t currently listed. However, it might be worth waiting to see what kind of odds Vitality will have of winning the whole thing. This team could still be rising.

Outside of Vitality, the only team that has any chance of making noise against the big dogs is G2. The all-French team has been on the up and showed a lot of strength during the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals. In the playoffs they advanced to the grand finals with big wins over Faze and NRG. They then lost 3-1 to, you guessed it, Team Liquid. G2 has shown improvements and the ability to take down teams that are ranked higher than them, but that’s still not enough to challenge the best team in the world.

Pick: Team Liquid (+165)

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