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Fantasy Football – Some Terrible Advice

Eagles at Redskins 12/20/14

Ah Fantasy Football! The only fantasy is thinking you’ll actually win the pot this year; am i right?

With so many websites giving you the same fantasy advice this time of year, we thought we’d provide you with some “outside the box” thinking to finally get you that imaginary championship your life would be meaningless without (as long as your league has a championship for last place!).

1) Don’t Sleep on Sleepers

I believe they call them sleepers because if you’re asleep at the draft you’ll miss out on them. So don’t risk it. Your buddy thinks TE Josh Hill could have a breakout year this year; well show him how much more confidence you have in Hill by grabbing him in the first round.

2) Avoid Running Backs

Remember, the NFL is a passing league now. Only 13 running backs rushed for 1,000 yards last season while 23 receivers caught 1,000 yards. So the move is obvious here … ignore your backfield completely! Draft eight wide receivers; run a five wideout set every time. It worked for Mike Leach and Graham Harrell at Texas Tech!

3) Kickers! They’re the Best!

Everybody I hear talk about fantasy waits until the last round to grab a leg. But why? Stephen Gostkowski has led the league in points scored three straight years! How many times can Jamaal Charles say he’s done that? None; none times! Get a big boot early, and then grab a backup in later rounds, just to be safe.

4) Rookies; the Later the Round, the Harder They Kick Ass

Unproven talent? More like unappreciated talent. When it comes to fantasy, there’s nothing wrong with being a hipster and avoiding mainstream players like Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch. I mean, we’ve seen how great first years like Bishop Sankey and Johnny Manziel can look. This year, take it one step further. Grab guys like Dallas QB Jameill Showers or Indy RB Tyler Varga and watch as they blossom into full-fledged stars right before your eyes!

5) Hand Out Harsh, Unfair Fantasy Punishments as Commissioner

Just because it’s fantasy, doesn’t mean your league can’t imitate reality. If you are so lucky as to hold the position of commissioner in your fantasy league, be sure to abuse that power. Veto trades, move the waiver wire times around and, most importantly, hand out suspensions to the league’s top-tier talents on the basis of unsubstantiated reports.

(Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Originally posted to Flickr. Photo may appear cropped.)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/].)

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