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Golden Globes Odds – Seth Meyers the Fave to Host

John Benson

by John Benson in Entertainment

Jul 9, 2015 · 5:59 AM PDT

Back in March, we set the odds for the next Oscar host; today, we turn to the Oscar’s younger (sexier?) cousin, the Golden Globes.

After three years of poking fun at Hollywood as hosts of the annual award show, Saturday Night Live alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler announced they wouldn’t be back next year.

Fey and Poehler were a breath of fresh air when they first took over, but the change is probably a good thing as the comediennes have played out their self-deprecating shtick.

Who will take over this legendary night of Hollywood ballbusting?

In all likelihood, it will be someone already on NBC (which airs the annual awards show) or, at the very least, someone who isn’t a major threat to NBC programming.

Let’s set the odds for the top candidates:

Odds to host the 2016 Golden Globes:

Seth Meyers: 2/1

Not only does the former “Weekend Update” anchor host his own late-night NBC show, but he actually wrote material for Fey and Poehler’s past Golden Globes hosting gigs. This is truly a no-brainer.

Kristen Wiig/Bill Hader: 4/1

Now that Fey and Poehler have proven hosting the Golden Globes can be a two-person job, former SNL favorites Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader seem like a perfect fit. They recently shared the screen in The Skeleton Twins and have a great comedic rapport.

Ricky Gervais: 8/1

Don’t laugh. Not many did when the cutting-edge comic and creator of The Office hosted the Golden Globes in the past (2010-2012), but the Brit has expressed interest in returning to the gig.

Amy Schumer: 12/1

Sketch comedy star Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer) is becoming more popular in mainstream America with each passing day, but the majority of the general public may not be familiar with her biting, oftentimes raunchy, Comedy Central show yet. This would kill two birds with one stone or, as Schumer might joke, cure two STDs with one antibiotic.

Joel McHale: 15/1

Smart, droll, and handsome are not requirements for hosting the Golden Globes, but they sure help. Community star and host of The Soup, McHale would be a nice change of pace. It would also be nice for McHale to be able to throw some much-earned shade at NBC in return for the network screwing over Community for so long.

Kevin Hart: 20/1

The diminutive funnyman will literally take any gig (did you see Get Hard?). Still, Hart may be holding out for the Academy Awards job; his name has been rumored for the more prestigious show.

Jon Stewart: 22/1

Jon Stewart will have plenty of time on his hands with his departure from The Daily Show. But the Gen-X hero was burned by his Oscars experience back in 2008 and might not be up for another round.

Kevin Spacey: 25/1

As great as it would be to have Frank Underwood, er, Kevin Spacey host the Golden Globes, the Academy Award-winning actor might view the gig as being beneath him.

Margaret Cho: 35/1

After her memorable appearance as a North Korean general at last year’s Golden Globes (in the wake of The Interview fiasco), Margaret Cho seems like a logical choice, catering to both minority and women viewers. That said, she’s a longshot at best. She just isn’t as popular as the other names on this list.

Key and Peele: 50/1

This Comedy Central sketch comedy duo is slowly making inroads in the American mainstream. While unlikely to happen now, their time will come.


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