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Tiger Woods 2019 Odds: What’s Next for Big Cat?

Alex Kilpatrick

by Alex Kilpatrick in Golf

Updated Apr 15, 2020 · 12:01 PM PDT

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, his 80th career victory. What's next? Photo by Peter Brown [CC License].
  • Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, a huge step in his historic comeback
  • What’s next for the Big Cat?
  • Which records can he chase down?

Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, his first win since 2013. After a litany of injuries, back surgeries, and suffering just about every personal embarrassment you can imagine, Woods returned to winning form. What will he accomplish in golf’s next season? How many records can he break?

Fortunately for you, we track the odds on all the major championships over at our Golf Betting Hub. For example, here’s the Masters Tracker, where Tiger’s odds have dropped from +2000 to +850.

Tiger Woods Major Championship Odds

Major Championship Tiger Woods’ Odds
Masters +850
PGA Championship +1000
US Open +1000
The Open Championship +1000

Those odds carry implied probabilities, and those implied probabilities carry implications of their own. Let’s add them up:

Tiger Woods 2019 Major Odds

Prop Implied Probability
Odds Tiger Woods wins a major in 2019 37.8%
Odds Tiger Woods wins every major in 2019 .007%

Now, of course, Tiger Woods gets very short odds thanks to all the money behind him, but it’s wild to think about that 37.8% figure. After what feels like a lifetime away from top-level golf, Tiger Woods is creeping up on even odds to win a major in 2019.

Tiger Woods Ryder Cup Odds

Tiger Woods Total Points Odds
Over 2.5 +135
Under 2.5 -175

Tiger Woods is a member of the 2018 Ryder Cup team, which was his goal heading into the season. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s back to his old tricks again, namely: losing a lot of Ryder Cup matches.

Tiger’s lifetime record at the Ryder Cup is well below .500, for whatever reason, and even at his peak he was disappointing representing the US. If he can win matches and score points for the US, it’ll be a historic achievement for Tiger.

Tiger Woods 2019 Tournament Wins Odds

Tiger Woods now has 80 PGA Tour wins, which is frankly a ridiculous number. He needs just two more to match Sam Snead’s record of 82, and there’s a good chance he’ll do it in 2019.

That’s a good number, because a reasonable over/under for Tiger Woods wins in 2019 would probably be somewhere around 2.5. If you include the Hero World Challenge (and you shouldn’t) he’ll likely notch around 3.0 wins.

Tiger Woods will enter a fair number of tournaments as the outright favorite. Those odds will be too short, of course, Tiger’s odds have been too short since about 2007, but a fair number would probably have him at +1600 or +1800.

Can Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’ Major Record?

The career major championships record is what Tiger Woods has been chasing since his youth. It’s a far-off, distant record, one that will probably not be matched in my lifetime. If anyone does it, though, it will be Tiger Woods.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods Championship Comparison

Player Number of Major Championships Masters US Open The Open PGA Championships
Jack Nicklaus 18 6 4 3 5
Tiger Woods 14 4 3 3 4

That gulf of five majors is a huge obstacle. Five majors converts to exactly one Phil Mickelson, and Phil Mickelson is worth almost $400 million. That’s a few too many majors to win in the few years of peak play Woods likely has to offer.

Tiger could strike at Nicklaus’ record of six Masters championships, although that would mean performing very consistently for the next few years. Defending green jackets is itself extraordinarily difficult. Only Nicklaus, Woods, and Nick Faldo have ever accomplished it, so you probably need to eke a few years out of Tiger to make that a reality.

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