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You Can Now Bet on How Many MLB Managers Will Be Fired in 2019

Clint Hurdle
Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle is on the hot seat this season. Photo by Keith Allison (flickr) [CC License].
  • The Reds, Rangers, and Cardinals all fired their Managers during the 2018 season
  • The Jays, Twins, Orioles, and Angels also have new Managers in 2019
  • Sportsbooks have offered an Over/Under prop for how many Managers will be fired in 2019 and set the line at 1.5

Profiting off of someone else’s misery may not be the best bet available, but someone has to cash in, so why not us? With that in mind, let’s explore the new prop bet – how many MLB managers will be fired during the 2019 season?

How Many Managers Will Get Fired in 2019?

How Many MLB Managers Will Be Fired During the 2019 Regular Season? Odds
Over 1.5 -115
Under 1.5 -115

*Odds taken 03/15/19

Could 2019 Mirror 2018?

You only need two managers to get the gate for the over to be the play. Looking at 2018 as a point of reference, it’s entirely possible that could happen. MLB teams have a history of waiting until the offseason to make moves but last year the Reds, Rangers, and Cardinals all made changes during the year. It’s a reality that in a 30 team league, someone has to be terrible and someone has to be on the hot seat at all times.

Depending on who you ask as many as seven or eight managers could already be on that hot seat. Clint Hurdle in Pittsburgh certainly is, as are Joe Madden with the Cubs, Mickey Callaway with the Mets, Padres manager Andy Green, Dave Martinez in Washington, and Ned Yost for the Royals. All of these managers will enter the year with questions being asked. Do you really think they’ll all find answers?

Many Bad Teams Already Have New Managers

Here’s the flip side to the argument – several bad teams already made their moves. The Orioles, Jays, Twins, Reds, Rangers, Angels, and Cardinals are all starting new.

Several bad teams already made their moves. The Orioles, Jays, Twins, Reds, Rangers, Angels, and Cardinals are all starting new.

With so many bad teams already having made their move, it’s completely possible one team or possibly no teams make a move during the 2019 season. Will managers make mistakes and have their teams in the basement of divisions? Of course. But who is to say it isn’t the managers on this list of terrible teams, where they’ll have a long leash until the end of one full season?

Which Side Provides the Best Value?

For my money, the answer here is Over. Many bad teams have new managers but even without considering those jobs there are more than 20 teams who would consider making a move if things went off the rail early.

Last year three teams found reason to make a move and I’d expect 2019 to be similar.  Hirings and firings are simply part of the game and in a culture like the one we live in patience doesn’t always play.

Pick: Over (-115)

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