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Odds Favor Daniel Cormier Retiring After Loss to Miocic; Another Rematch with Stipe Listed at +175

What will Cormier's next move be after losing to Stipe Miocic? Photo from @SINow (Twitter)
  • The MMA world is abuzz about what future hall of famer Daniel Cormier will decide to do next
  • Does he seek rematches with either Stipe or Jones? Does he ride off into the sunset?
  • I have your odds and my prediction on DC’s next step below

Daniel Cormier’s future is now unclear, and many in the MMA world are wondering what the next step is.

With Cormier celebrating his 40th birthday in March, the clock is undoubtedly ticking on his fighting career. At best, DC has a fight or two left in him and it would need to be a notable opponent whereby he gets paid handsomely.

DC is in the unique position of being the #1 at both heavyweight and light-heavyweight class while also being an articulate broadcaster/analyst who could easily transition into that next phase of his life.

Odds on Cormier’s Next Move

Cormier’s Next Move Odds at MyBookie
Retire +105
Fight Stipe Miocic +175
Join WWE +500
Join AEW +550
Actor in Movie +600

*All odds taken 08/22/19

Despite having given himself a timeline on when he was going to retire, Cormier’s competitive savvy is still there enough to justify another MMA bout in his future.

No Entertainment Gigs Right Away

DC is a hardcore, lifelong pro wrestling fan and he also has to be chomping at the bit slightly after his longtime teammate Cain Velasquez had such a successful Lucha Libre debut.

If he were to pick the wrestling route, there would be a ready-made WWE feud with Brock Lesnar after the two had that infamous altercation in the UFC cage. Though I think it will happen one day, I don’t see Cormier’s future involving him jumping into the world of pro wrestling right away.

Prior to the TKO loss to Stipe Miocic, there was some dialogue in the lead up about a possible trilogy bout with Jon Jones. With DC taking a disappointing loss, it seems like that bout is no longer in Daniel Cormier’s future.

Though Jones is undefeated against Cormier, there was some level of intrigue to have Jones move up a weight class to contend for Cormier’s heavyweight belt. Now that Cormier no longer has the title, I don’t think there’s incentive for a fight between the two.

Cormier’s future is most likely to include retirement or a rubber match with Stipe. I think Daniel’s competitive spirit will lead to a third Miocic fight. DC was the favorite heading into the fight, was winning the bulk of the exchanges, and was dominating the rematch prior to being finished in the fourth.

A rubber match with Stipe has huge implications in terms of possibly deciding the greatest heavyweight in UFC history.

Pick: Fight Stipe Miocic (+175)

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