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MMA Odds: UFC Considers Jones vs. Lesnar Super-Fight

Don Aguero

by Don Aguero in Mixed Martial Arts News

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:38 AM PST

Brock Lesnar - WWE champ
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Word on the street is the UFC is interested in a December super-fight between former heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar and former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. The rumor comes from Dave Meltzer, who recently broke the story on his podcast.

The fight may seem a little far-fetched, but Lesnar recently re-entered the USADA testing pool, fueling speculation of a UFC return. If he does make a return, it’ll have to be against one of the big earners. The heavyweight division currently lacks excitement and the only fighter even remotely close in weight that can really pull a crowd is Jon Jones…so maybe it’s possible after all.

For now, Jones has unfinished business at light heavyweight and an upcoming grudge match against Daniel Cormier. Lesnar retired from the UFC in disgrace earlier this year after testing positive.

There’s still a long way to go before this fight gets made, so let’s run through a few props. Here are the odds!

Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones Odds

Odds the fight happens before year-end 2018: 3/1

There are a few hurdles to clear before this fight comes to fruition. First, would Jones even want to face one of the baddest heavyweights in MMA history? He is well-suited for 205 lb, and making the 60 lb leap to heavyweight is no mean feat. Still, Jones has expressed a willingness to someday fight at heavyweight and this could be his chance.

Another obstacle is Jones’ role at light heavyweight. If he loses to Cormier this weekend, he may choose to devote himself to reclaiming the title. If he wins, he may be too focused on defending the belt.

If this fight is going to happen, they need to start negotiating soon. Lesnar is 40 years old now and his fighting days are numbered.

Odds to win:

Brock Lesnar: 3/7

Jon Jones: 7/3

If Lesnar is able to take Jones to the ground, then God help us all. Jones has stated that he walks around at 230 lb, so it’ll be near impossible for him to out-grapple a fighter who cuts to reach 265 lb. Jones is the more well-rounded fighter, a more proficient striker and a technically gifted mixed martial artist. But all that would be obsolete during a Lesnar ground-and-pound.

Jones would look to maintain his distance, picking Lesnar apart and try to outpoint the former heavyweight champ. He has a significantly longer reach and boasts a slight height advantage, so if he’s able to keep the fight upright, he stands a decent chance.

Lesnar would look to do what he always does: go for the takedown and maul his opponent. Jones has an amazing takedown defense for a light heavyweight, but he’s never come up against a fighter like Lesnar.

Odds either fighter tests positive: 5/1

Lesnar only recently had his suspension lifted in July after he tested positive for an estrogen blocker following his most recent fight against Mark Hunt. Jones has a doping violation to his name as well, failing a test before UFC 200 where he was billed to face Cormier for the second time.

Even if this fight does get made, there’s a real chance it’ll get called off after one (or both) of them test positive once again.

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