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Odds of Conor McGregor Being Arrested by August 31 After Punching Man in Face Set at -120

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Mixed Martial Arts News

Updated Apr 9, 2020 · 3:04 PM UTC

Conor McGregor at a UFC press conference
Conor McGregor allegedly punched an elderly man in a pub and the incident was caught on tape. Photo by Andrius Petrucenia (flickr) [CC License].
  • Conor McGregor is in headlines once more
  • Yet again, it’s for outside-of-the-cage chicanery
  • Will “Notorious” face any legal ramifications for cracking an old dude in a pub?

The potential of a Conor McGregor arrest has been a topic of discussion in the last few hours. McGregor recently cracked an old dude in a bar and the fisticuffs were caught on tape.

Social media has been abuzz and various iterations of this footage have come out. TMZ initially obtained the video and it has since spread like wildfire.

Many on social media are rightfully chastising McGregor for his behavior. I’m a bit of a degenerate so I was also thinking about how the old man took McGregor’s vaunted left hand better than many who’ve fought the Irish MMA fighter. Oddsmakers leaped onto this situation and an intriguing little prop bet about a McGregor arrest came out of the melee.

Odds McGregor Is Arrested Before Dec. 31st

Betting Option Odds
Yes -120
No -120

*All odds taken 08/15/19.

Investigations surrounding this situation have been going on for months as the actual incident occurred in April. The location of the tilt was Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6th. Things started innocently enough with McGregor buying the patrons a round of his Proper 12 Irish Whiskey.

One patron didn’t seem enthused about the drink, things quickly got heated on McGregor’s end, and Conor ended up cracking an older gentleman in the noggin. T

he internet is always undefeated and various funny memes/ funny gifs have come from the incident.

History Repeats Itself

Over the last few years, and especially in this last year, McGregor has been in headlines for all the wrong reasons.  The idea of a significant McGregor arrest almost seems hard to believe at this point. There’s a sense of the Irish pugilist being untouchable. There is a myriad of examples one can find with a cursory glance if you search “Conor McGregor crime”.

The aforementioned phone smashing situation resulted in a very brief arrest. Though charges were later dismissed because the individual didn’t cooperate with the police. The idea of a McGregor arrest doesn’t seem likely to me if past history is any indication of what to expect.

McGregor has certainly had to deal with residual lawsuits but generally seems to find himself absolved of having jail time/any serious criminal charges.

The video evidence is certainly incriminating but it seems like the famous and well to do are held to a different set of criteria. I think these talks of a possible McGregor arrest won’t manifest themselves into anything too serious.

My prediction is McGregor will get some sort of slap on the wrist. Perhaps some community service. But, with his power and influence, he won’t serve any time behind bars.

Pick: No (-120)

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