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Opening Odds Favor Logan Paul Over CM Punk in Potential Fight

Logan Paul
Odds have been released for Logan Paul vs. CM Punk in MMA. Photo by @GeorgeJ22350994 (Twitter)
  • Logan Paul coming off of pro boxing match against KSI
  • After the fight, KSI hinted Paul should fight CM Punk in MMA
  • What are the chances this fight happens?

Could Logan Paul vs. CM Punk actually happen? It seemed unlikely, but stranger things have happened and after KSI beat Paul, the Englishman said Punk vs. Paul makes sense in MMA. To many, it seemed strange, yet the fight started to get talked about on social media and now sportsbooks have released odds on a potential MMA fight between the two.

CM Punk vs. Logan Paul Odds

Fighter Odds
Logan Paul -130

Odds taken Nov. 12

Do These Odds Make Sense?

CM Punk is 0-2 in the UFC, which are his only MMA fights as he came over from the WWE. He made his debut against Mickey Gall where he was overmatched and submitted in the first round. But, he was supposed to bring eyeballs to the sport and was paid $500,000 for his fight. He then had one more fight against another 0-1 fighter in Mike Jackson, which Jackson won the bout by decision. Punk brought nothing to the table in his wrestling or striking and was very disappointing.

Paul, meanwhile, has yet to fight in MMA, but he was a very good wrestler in the State of Ohio in high school. He was a top-five wrestler in the state, but whether or not he still is, is unknown. In boxing, he had a good jab but not much else.

However, he is the bigger fighter and more athletic so the odds make sense for Paul to be a slight favorite.

How Will the Odds Change?

If this fight is made, I suspect the odds to go higher to like -200 for Paul. Logan Paul has a very good fanbase and in his boxing fight against KSI, he had a lot of action come his way from other influencers.

So, I suspect the same thing would happen against Punk, and MMA fighters would also bet Paul given he is the bigger and more athletic fighter while Punk hasn’t shown much to be worthwhile betting in MMA.

What Are the Chances This Fight Happens?

Look, money talks and this fight would bring more eyeballs to MMA. A lot of boxing purists thought KSI-Logan Paul should not have been made, but it brought more viewers into the sport.

This fight would only take place in the UFC as the Las Vegas-based promotion still has Punk’s rights. However, UFC president, Dana White said Paul would get murdered in the UFC, but White is all about making money and was intrigued by a Justin Bieber-Tom Crusie fight earlier this year.

To me, I think the chances of this fight happening are slim to none, as I don’t think the UFC would pay the $900,000 Paul made in his boxing fight to get him over to MMA. So, I think this fight is a pipedream right now.

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