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Moscow Liga Pro Odds & Picks: Table Tennis June 21

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To say that Georgiy Vahnin is dominant when facing Igor Mateev would be the ultimate in understatement. Vahnin has won 31 straight Moscow Liga Pro table tennis matches over Mateev.
  • Sunday offers another round of Moscow Liga Pro table tennis, with action carrying on throughout the day
  • Which matches are the best bets to play on Sunday’s afternon portion of the card?
  • Analysis of the odds and the top picks to play are revealed in the ensuing story

Russian table tennis is like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

With NASCAR, the PGA Tour, and action on soccer from the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga all available now, Charlie Brown is that punter who thinks he’s just going to give Moscow Liga Pro the boot once and for all.

But it’s not going away, and there is good reason for this reality.

How could a bettor not love the round-the-clock wagering opportunities that Moscow Liga Pro puts forth every day of the week?

Last weekend, only UFC drew a larger handle at online sportsbooks than Moscow Liga Pro.

Russian table tennis is a live bettor’s dream come true. One of the more popular plays being seen by bookmakers is on favorites who lose the opening game of a match, thus reducing their odds.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Player Moneyline Handicap Total Player Moneyline Handicap Total
Igor Mateev +500 +2.5 (-150) O 66.5 (-120) Georgiy Vahnin -900 -2.5 (+110) U 66.5 (-120)
Valery Ivanov -700 -2.5 (+125) O 67.5 (-120) Evgeniy Ilyukhin +400 +1.5 (-175) U 67.5 (-120)
Artem Arutiunyan -400 -1.5 (-175) O 71.5 (-120) Anatoly Trushkin +275 +1.5 (+125) U 71.5 (-120)
Viktor Rahmanov -200 -1.5 (+110) O 74.5 (-120) Igor Elistratov +150 +1.5 (-150) U 74.5 (-120)
Vladimir Nemashkalo -300 -1.5 (-138) O 72.5 (-120) Alexander Serebrennikov +225 +1.5 (+100) U 72.5 (-120)
Dmitry Lavrinenko +250 +1.5 (+110) O 72.5 (-120) Denis Molodtsov -350 -1.5 (-150) U 72.5 (-120)
Dmitry Merzlikin +137 +1.5 (-163) O 74.5 (-120) Kirill Abramov -188 -1.5 (+120) U 74.5 (-120)
Vladimir Safonov +100 +1.5 (-225) O 75.5 (-120) Timofey Yusipov -138 -1.5 (+162) U 75.5 (-120)
Alexander Serebrennikov -150 -1.5 (+137) O 75.5 (-120) Dmitry Lavrinenko +110 +1.5 (-188) U 75.5 (-120)
Evgeniy Ilyukhin -200 -1.5 (+110) O 74.5 (-120) Vladimir Safonov +150 +1.5 (-150) U 74.5 (-120)

Odds taken June 21.

You can also live stream Moscow Liga Pro matches. If you’re watching and trying to keep score at home, here’s how it works:

Games are played to 11 points. All matches are best-of-five affairs.

Players serve two serves each, alternating. A player does not have to win specifically off their own serve in order to win a point.

If a game is tied at 10-10, a player must win by two points. In this extra-time situation, players alternate one serve each.

Let’s break it down on some of the best bets during Sunday’s afternoon card of competitiion.

Follow The Bouncing Ball

The story of Kirill Abramov and Dmitry Merzlikin is a tale of the fate of two table tennis players. At the moment, the narrative favors Abramov.

He’s won four in a row from Merzlikin and six of their last seven matches. Abramov holds a 12-2 edge over Merzlikin through their last 14 games.

However, prior to this stretch, Merzlikin took five of six from Abramov, including four shutout victories. Then again, before that, Abramov won four of five over Merzlikin.

On the other hand, Merzlikin went 4-1 against Abramov in their previous five matches. And before that, Abramov won three of four, ending a three-match winning streak by Merzlikin.

You get the picture. There’s a lot of back and forth between these two players.

At the present time in the overall picture, it’s Abramov carrying the hot hand. He’s won seven of eight matches. Merzlikin is slumping, with three wins in his last 10 matches.

Pick: Kirill Abramov (-188)

Close But No Cigar

It would be incorrect to suggest that Anatoly Trushkin doesn’t give Artem Arutiunyan a game. In seven of their last 13 matches, the outcome was 3-2.

The problem is that Trushkin rarely gets one over on Arutiunyan when they meet. Arutiunyan has capured all 13 of those aforementioned matches.

He’s 21-5 in his last 26 against Trushkin.

Overall, Arutiunyan has won five of seven. Trushkin has dropped seven in a row and 11 of 12 matches.

Pick: Artem Arutiunyan (-225)

No Mercy For Mateev

It’s simple, really. Georgiy Vahnin is Igor Mateev’s kryptonite.

In their last 31 matches, Vahnin has won all 31. He’s posted 3-0 sweeps in six of the last seven meetings. During this 31-match win streak, Vahnin has won 21 by sweeps and eight times by 3-1 scores.

The odd thing about it is that Mateev doesn’t fall so easily against other opponents. He was riding a three-match win streak until he lost a pair earlier today to Vahnin. He’s 8-8 through his last 16 matches.

Don’t play this as a standalone wager but it’s an ideal free spot to include in a parlay.

Pick: Georgiy Vahnin (-900).

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