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Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds and Picks for April 8

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in News

Apr 8, 2020 · 11:26 AM PDT

Table tennis match
On this COVID-19 caused sports-bereft planet, Russian table tennis has become the most popular sport to bet on in the world. Photo by: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin (Wikimedia Commons).
  • With the COVID-19 outbreak eliminating all major sports from competition, sportsbooks have found that bettors are turning to Russian table tennis in a big way
  • What is it about this sport that bettors are finding to be so attractive?
  • Analysis and odds on some key Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis matches are outlined in the story below

Russian table tennis.

Yes, this is where we’re at, folks.

In a worldwide search during this COVID-19-induced empty sporting landscape for something, anything to wager on, sports bettors have latched on to Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis in a big way.

Poker utilized the 2004-05 shutdown of the NHL due to a labor dispute to gain a foothold in everyday sporting culture. It would appear that the impact of the coronavirus is creating a similar opening in the marketplace for Russian table tennis.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Player Moneyline Handicap Total Player Moneyline Handicap Total
Igor Smirnov +240 +1.5 (+100) O 72.5 (-120) Alexander Gribkov -334 -1.5 (-138) U 72.5 (-120)
Vladimir Nemashkalo +100 +1.5 (-255) O 75.5 (-120) Alexey Ermilov -138 -1.5 (+162) U 75.5 (-120)
Aleksandr Petrov +200 +1.5 (-120) O 73.5 (-120) Dmitry Kolesnikov -275 -1.5 (-120) U 73.5 (-120)
Ilya Novikov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Oleg Kutusov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Alexander Gribkov -175 -1.5 (+120) O 74.5 (-120) Aleksandr Petrov +125 +1.5 (-163) U 74.5 (-120)
Alexey Ermilov +100 +1.5 (-225) O 75.5 (-120) Ilya Novikov -138 -1.5 (+162) U 75.5 (-120)
Dmitry Kolesnikov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Igor Smirnov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Oleg Kutusov +162 +1.5 (-125) O 74.5 (-120) Vladimir Nemashkalo -225 -1.5 (-110) U 74.5 (-120)
Igor Smirnov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Aleksandr Petrov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Vladimir Nemashkalo -138 -1.5 (+162) O 75.5 (-120) Ilya Novikov +100 +1.5 (-225) U 75.5 (-120)
Alexander Gribkov -150 -1.5 (+137) O 75.5 (-120) Dmitry Kolesnikov +110 +1.5 (-188) U 75.5 (-120)
Alexey Ermilov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Oleg Kutusov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)

Odds taken April 8

Several sportsbooks are reporting that Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis is the sport currently drawing the largest wagering handle. Most are handling six figures in wagers on the sport on a daily basis.

Action Boosts Table Tennis Popularity

With little or no knowledge of the sports they’re suddenly left to wager on, bettors are seeking different advantages when making a play.

The beauty of Russian table tennis is the simplicity of the wager, combined with the volume of opportunity.

There are as many as 90 matches on tap each day, so action is never an issue. In-play wagering is also offered on all matches.

Ping Pong Primer

For those of you whose table tennis viewing experience consists of that scene in Forrest Gump, or the cult classic Balls Of Fury, here’s a bit of background on how the sport is scored.

The match winner is the first player to take three games. A game is played to 11 points. Players must win by at least two points. Service is alternated every two points.

It should be noted, though, that those participating in the Moscow Liga Pro aren’t the elite players in the world. The majority of the top players are from the Far East, and all of the sport’s major events are on hold due to COVID-19.

Betting on the Moscow Liga Pro is like wagering on the AHL or XFL.

Gribkov Dominating Smirnov

It’s no surprise that the widest margin of the day on the odds board is given to Alexander Gribkov over Igor Smirnov. Overall, Gribkov is 7-2 in his last nine matches. Head-to-head against Smirnov, he’s nearly unbeatable.

Gribkov has captured six matches in a row from Smirnov, including a 3-0 sweep in their most recent meeting. He’s won seven of their last eight clashes. Overall, Smirnov is on a five-match losing skid.

It’s not a great price but it is easy money.

Pick: Alexander Gribkov (-334).

Kutusov-Ermilov a Toss Up

You’ll get -120 odds whether you opt to back Oleg Kutusov or Alexey Ermilov. However, looking inside the numbers, Ermilov is the play all day.

He’s won four in a row. Yes, his last loss was in his most recent meeting with Kutusov, and it was a 3-0 shutout setback. Kutusov has won two of three from Ermilov.

Generally, this rivalry has gone prominently in Ermilov’s favor. He’s taken down Kutusov in 11 of their last 15 matches. During that stretch, Kutusov has never won consecutive matches from Ermilov.

Pick: Alexey Ermilov (-120).

Kolesnikov On a Roll

Dmitry Kolesnikov is a streaky player. He’s currently on a 3-0 roll. Prior to that, he was 0-3. That was proceeded by a 4-1 run, which followed an 0-3 skid.

Against Aleksandr Petrov, Kolesnikov rolls Petrov. He’s won five of their last six matches, taking four of those via 3-0 shutouts. Overall, Kolesnikov is 15-3 in his last 18 meetings with Petrov.

Pick: Dmitry Kolesnikov (-275).

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