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Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds & Picks for April 16

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in News

Apr 16, 2020 · 10:10 AM PDT

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Table tennis action from Russia's Moscow Pro Liga is becoming one of the sports betting staples during the COVID-19 outbreak. Photo by: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin (Wikimedia Commons).
  • Moscow Liga Pro table tennis continues to be the most popular betting sport during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak
  • What is it about this sport that makes betting on it so enticing?
  • Analysis and betting advice of Thursday’s best bets are listed in the story below

Once you get past the fact that it’s table tennis, the rationale behind the sudden popularity of Moscow Liga Pro table tennis is entirely understandable.

First and foremost, they’re playing all day, every day, when the entirety of the world’s major sports aren’t playing at all. That’s an immediate plus on their side.

Secondly, there’s action galore. Moscow Pro Liga features as many as 90 matches a day.

Table tennis is an easy game to understand. It’s one-on-one, head-to-head action. That reduces the chance of luck playing a role in the outcome.

For that same reason, under normal circumstances, tennis is a popular betting sport.

Finally, Moscow Pro Liga match results tend to skew heavily toward favorites. This makes it an enticing option as a parlay play.

Let’s look at Thursday’s afternoon and evening action and pick out some best bets from the plethora of matches.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Player Moneyline Handicap Total Player Moneyline Handicap Total
Oleg Kutusov +240 +1.5 (+100) O 72.5 (-120) Vladimir Nemashkalo -334 -1.5 (-138) U 72.5 (-120)
Vladimir Safonov -175 -1.5 (+120) O 75.5 (-120) Igor Minchenkov +125 +1.5 (-163) U 75.5 (-120)
Vladimir Petrov -138 -1.5 (+162) O 75.5 (-120) Danila Andreev +100 +1.5 (-225) U 75.5 (-120)
Valery Ivanov -175 -1.5 (+120) O 74.5 (-120) Oleg Shagarov +125 +1.5 (-163) U 74.5 (-120)
Vladimir Shirokov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Georgiy Vahnin -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Andrey Menshikov +120 +1.5 (-188) O 75.5 (-120) Ilya Novikov -163 -1.5 (+137) U 75.5 (-120)
Igor Minchenkov -138 -1.5 (+162) O 75.5 (-120) Valery Ivanov +100 +1.5 (-225) U 75.5 (-120)
Danila Andreev -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Vladimir Shirokov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Ilya Novikov +225 +1.5 (+100) O 72.5 (-120) Oleg Kutusov -300 -1.5 (-138) U 72.5 (-120)
Vladimir Petrov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Vladimir Shirokov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)

Odds taken April 16th

One other piece of advice – never, ever call it ping pong. True aficionados of the sport wouldn’t dare say such a thing.

Moscow Pro Liga Scoring

In table tennis, games are contested up to 11 points. Players must win a game by at least two points. Service switches players every two points.

Matches are best three-out-of-five affairs.

Table Tennis Betting Options

Moscow Pro Liga wagering includes moneyline, handicap and total wagering. The handicap is based on the margin of points by which a player will defeat his opponent. Total wagering covers an over/under play on the total number of points in the match.

There’s also a litany of live betting options. Bettors can wager on who will win the first point, the second point, and so on. There’s also live moneyline wagering during the match.

Minchenkov Holds Hot Hand

Igor Minchenkov is performing strongly of late. He’s won nine of his last 13 matches. That includes a 3-0 sweep of Valery Ivanov in early-morning action on Thursday.

Ivanov’s been heading in the opposite direction. His defeat by Minchenkov was part of a three-match losing skid to launch his day on Thursday.

Ivanov is 3-5 over the course of his last eight matches. He’s won just three of his last nine games.

Michenkov hasn’t lost to Ivanov since October 3rd.

Pick: Igor Minchenkov (-138)

Even Steven

There’s not much to choose between Vladimir Shirokov and Vladimir Petrov. That’s generally the case whether they’re staring across the net at each other, or if they’re facing another opponent.

Petrov is 13-13 in his last 26 matches. That even-steven pattern continued through Petrov’s early matches on Thursday. He was 2-2.

Likewise, Shirokov is 10-10 over his past 20 contests. And, surprise, surprise, he was 2-2 in early Thursday competition.

Head to head, the give and take doesn’t change much. In their last 18 meetings, Shirokov has won nine times, and Petrov has won nine times.

Of course, Petrov and Shirokov have already split two earlier matches on Thursday. However, Petrov has won four of their last six meetings.

Pick: Vladimir Petrov (-120)

Kutusov Owning Novikov

Ilya Novikov finished his morning session on Thursday with a pair of victories, bringing to a halt his five-match losing streak.

Oleg Kutusov hasn’t been playing sensational table tennis of late, either. Well, unless he’s been facing Novikov, that is.

Kutusov is 10-10 over his last 20 matches. But during that stretch, he’s 5-0 straight up against Novikov.

In fact, Kutusov is riding a six-match winning streak against Novikov. And they’ve been dominant performances. He’s posted three shutouts and owns an 18-3 edge in total games won.

Pick: Oleg Kutusov (-300)

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