Completely Honest Tweets: What Would Athletes Say If They Could?

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook slap hands. Photo by Fotos Basketeria (Flickr) CC License

Kevin Durant has a history of taking hard shots, but he reserved his hardest shots of all for the OKC Thunder yesterday on Twitter. The eight-time All-Star mistakenly used his own account — rather than an anonymous burner account — to publicly rail against former coach Billy Donovan and the Thunder organization.

Durant’s third-person replies were soon deleted, but not before screenshots began circulating around the Internet. Some observers believe the tweets may have been posted by an overzealous social media manager, while others question whether they’re legitimate at all. We may never know the truth, but we do know that Twitter is a whole lot more fun when athletes and celebrities air their dirty laundry.

In honor of KD’s social media snafu we proudly present a collection of brutally honest tweets that athletes and owners would send if they thought they could get away with them.

Kyrie Irving

LeBron James

Myles Garrett

Blake Bortles

Bill Belichick

David Price

Roger Goodell

Carmelo Anthony

Charles Oakley

Jerry Jones

Brian Dozier