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Dishin’ Dimes Episode 5: Tall Tales

Hosted by Ryan Murphy and Matt McEwan, Dishin’ Dimes is a weekly half-hour podcast for hardcore hoops heads that examines the biggest stories and trends from the Association. We pride ourselves on being quirkier than Jeremy Lin’s hairstyles, more informed than LeBron James’ inner circle, and more opinionated than Charles Barkley after a bottle of bourbon.

We all lie about our age from time to time, but imagine having the audacity to claim that you’re 20 years younger than you really are. That was the ruse perpetuated by Manute Bol, the 7’7” Sudanese center who played in the NBA from 1985 to 1995. According to new reports, Bol may have played in the NBA well into his 50s, easily making him the oldest player in league history.

Matt and I discuss Bol’s subterfuge in our latest – and greatest – episode of Dishin’ Dimes, and reconsider his legacy in light of his advanced years. We also dissect Kevin Durant’s recent spate of temper tantrums, shake our heads over LaVar Ball’s latest antics, and tell some tall tales about the skinniest players in NBA history. You won’t want to miss Matt’s story about the time he met human beanpole Thon Maker during his days at Orangeville Prep.

Listen to the latest episode in the link below.

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Ryan Murphy began his love affair with sports journalism at the age of nine when he wrote his first article about his little league baseball team. He has since authored his own column for Fox Sports, and now serves as SBD’s resident NBA and MLB expert.